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Eoin Neylon: Christmas for political nerds

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Eoin Neylon, The Clare Echo’s Political Columnist examines the political landscape in Clare following the publication of a report by…

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Eoin Neylon: Ireland saw spate of Trumpian tactics

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MY FIRST Clare Echo column began with the words “Where Clare leads, Ireland follows”. Last Saturday, that mantra held true…

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Neylon: Letting 16-year-olds vote could be just what our democracy needs

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By Eoin Neylon IN THE past fortnight thousands of young political activists have been attending annual conferences of political youth…

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Fianna Fáil’s inactivity in Clare ‘perplexing’

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Fianna Fail

By Eoin Neylon With Fine Gael and Sinn Féin relatively set in Clare for the next General Election, it’s now…

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