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As the responsible Councillor, I feel it appropriate to respond to Eoin Neylon’s article in the last issue of The Clare Echo headlined “Anti 5G campaigners making false claims.”

How we so enjoy the modern day conveniences delivered to us thanks to hi-speed broadband and wireless technology? Conveniences hardly conjured even a decade ago!

I, just like most of us, have become so spoilt by it all and so totally dependent on its ease and convenience.

As the Councillor who proposed that due to the appeal to the EU by 180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries warning about the danger of 5G which will lead to a substantial increase in electromagnetic radiation exposure, that Clare County Council in exercising its responsibility to protect the environment and the public from harm:

1)opposes the roll-out of 5G in the County; and
2)calls on CommReg to deny licensing for its roll-out; and
3) calls on the Minister for Communication, Climate Change and the Environment, to establish a working group to establish the facts about the radiation impact of 5G on the public.

To be honest, I was actually oblivious to the significance of 5G wireless technology, until serious concern about its safety was raised by a constituent during the recent election campaign. Interestingly, it transpired that there were other Councillors who learned of this issue on the campaign doorstep also.

I therefore made it my business to become better informed. While we as local representatives, are often times distracted by the varied demands on our attention and time, it is thanks to me taking the time to read and listen about 5G, that I have come to the realisation that this is a matter of great concern, and that we as local representatives must undertake to do what we can to ensure its rollout in County Clare and Ireland is informed as to the risks being undertaken.

I am all for economic growth and employment and I appreciate that 100,000 premises in Ireland are still without reliable broadband access and feel “left behind.”

However, I am encouraging that the “precautionary principle” be adopted here. The Precautionary Principle states that “when an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.”

The name 5G is deceptive implying a simply upgrade from current 4G. However, 5G is about densification with visible antenna being replaced by 1000s of tiny antennas with beams that can deliver speeds 100 times faster than 4G. Tiny antennas, the size of a pizza box, erected on our telegraph poles and street lights.

5G is like is putting our wireless technology on steroids. It is envisaged that with 5G, there will be one transmitter for every 2-10 homes, much higher than current cell tower distribution. Professor Joe Moscowitz of University California Berkeley, has described it as the general population “being bathed in a smog of radiation 24/7.”

Trillions has been invested deploy the infrastructure necessary to support super-fast 5G networks which will power technologies of the future such as self-driving cars and smart cities. On June 11, 2019, CNN news reported how “Half of the world will have 5G coverage in 5 years.” Limited 5G launches have already taken place in the UK, the US and South Korea, with China is expected to follow shortly. In fact in visiting Belfast recently, I observed a Billboard advertising 5G.

“Reasonable Doubt” justifying “Precautionary Principle to 5G”

On 16th June 2018, Dr. Goldberg, in giving testimony before the US Senate on the scientific and medical effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR), stated that 5G is not about whether wireless biological effects exist, and asserted that there is no doubt that wireless radiation has biological effects, and that these effects are seen in all life forms. She indicated that in humans there is clear evidence of effects and that we have been sitting on the evidence for decades. She expounded on the correlation of wireless technology with the epidemic of diabetes (1/3 in children and 1/2 if Hispanic and Female) due to EMR exposures, where studies indicate that proximity to cell towers leads to high blood sugar. She also expounded on the chronic deterioration of mental health, and depression caused by exposure to the EMR, findings that she asserted have been “glossed over by the wireless industry.”

She concluded her testimony by suggesting that it is “irresponsible” to talk about Internet of Things (IoT) and rolling out a new untested 5G technology without measuring our current exposures from current networks.

We know that 5G is designed to deliver concentrated and focus electromagnetic radiation in excess of 100 times current levels. It is right and proper that 5G technologies be subjected to an independent health and safety assessment before they are launched in Ireland.

I believe that “reasonable doubt” as to 5G technology exists which justifies application of the “precautionary principle” which is acutely evidenced by the EU appeal of 120 scientists and doctors from 36 countries, and the UN appeal (particularly to the WHO) by some 237 EMF scientists from 41 nations a urging the development more protective EMF guidelines, encouraging precautionary measures and educating the public about the considerable health risks, particularly the risks to children and fetal development.

While indeed there is a great deal of “fake news” out there, these appeals by a multitude of scientists and medical doctors to two international bodies is not fake news, and I believe warrants a precautionary approach. This is what the Motion adopted by the Councillors in County Clare has in essence called for by the national authority and the government.
Of note are some recent developments:-
• Lloyds Insurers refuse to cover 5G product liability and health insurance.
• USA –On February 6th 2019, US Senator Blumenthal in interviewing telecommunications industry executives established that no safety studies have been done, stating that “we are flying blind here with respect to the health and safety” of 5G.
• IRELAND—On 16th April, 2019, Dr. Michael Harty TD asked of the Minister for Communications, Climate Change & the Environment if an assessment of the health risks associated with 5G radiation had been made. Minister Richard Bruton’s response relied on ICNIRP* guidelines to claim that there is insufficient evidence to establish a causal relationship between exposure to low-frequency EMF and adverse health effects.

*ICNIRP guidelines: the Appeals to the EU and the UN are seeking review of these guidelines

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