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Over the years I have learned so much about hair, what are the dos and do nots and what are the right products to use. I have tried and tested a lot of hair care essentials now, but currently I’ve kept to a solid list that I absolutely swear by. I’m going to list my full routine in order for when I wash my hair.

1: Hair Oil –
This is more important than ever, especially if you have dry hair like me. My favourite hair oils to use are the Semi Dilino Cristalli Liquidi by Alfaparf Milano which can be bought in your local hair salon or the Nuxe hair and body oil which can be bought in your local pharmacy.

I use this at the very start of my routine to avoid any breakage. I wet my hair brush to dampen my hair and then I add my hair oil all over before washing it in the shower. This step is the key to keeping your hair soft and looking its healthiest.

2: Condition, Shampoo, Condition –
This little step has helped out my hair so much. I usually get very naughty hair from the shower especially when I only recently got my highlights done. Due to my hair colour it tends to do this a lot. I found conditioning it twice has really helped it soften and feel really clean.

My favourite shampoo and conditioner are the Eleven Australia Hydrate My Hair moisture shampoo and conditioner. I absolutely love these products because they have improved the condition of my hair while also maintaining my colour. These products can be bought in Hair Art Ballycasey Craft and Design Centre, Shannon.

3: Anti- Breakage spray –
This is the best for after you shower while your hair is still wet. I usually spray this towards the ends of my hair to avoid any breakage when I brush it wet. Everyone’s hair is more sensitive and prone to breakage when it is wet so we want to avoid this at all costs. The spray I use is Semi Dilino Anti- Breakage Fluid by Alfaparf which can also be bought in your local salon.

After the spray I apply more hair oil towards the ends of my hair and then begin to dry it with the hair drier. Sometimes I try to leave it dry naturally as much as possible to limit the mount of heat in contact with my hair. After these steps I sometimes style it and then apply a small bit more hair oil to smoothen out my curls.

4: Hair Masks –
I have a few favourite hair masks that I have tried and tested throughout my hair journey. My current favourite is the Shea Moisture mask which contains Jamaican black caster oil. This has made my hair thicker and longer only in a matter of weeks. Another favourite is Eleven Australia’s Three minute miracle mask. This mask is so ideal if your in a rush and need that extra bit of care for your hair.

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