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Having a travel bucket list is talked about by so many people yet there is also a sizeable amount of individuals that actually stick to the list once they write it down.

I love the idea of creating a list of once in a lifetime opportunities. The impact which lists can make on people can surprisingly create an immense amount of motivation for the mind. For example checklists can be very fulfilling when doing a grocery shop. There is a sense of satisfaction from ticking off as you go, indicating to your mind that you are very close to the finish line.

We can all relate to the desire to travel. Rather than staying in your home country your whole life, it is good to see what the world has to offer. Learning about different cultures and being aware of other places, would help grow knowledge and understanding of others. Some people prefer to travel to certain countries more than others. This is what makes everyone’s bucket list unique.

Travelling Clare & Ireland
It is also good to understand that you can tour your own county and country first before exploring the world. Ireland has countless landmarks, history and beautiful scenic views across the island. Let’s talk about hot spots that I would personally love to visit, that are just on our doorstep.

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Killarney National Park and Muckross House & Gardens:
When visiting Kerry this should definitely be on your list. The beautiful 19th century Muckross House, Gardens and Traditional farms set in Killarney National Park give the most spectacular views and represents Kerry in the best way. You can be brought around the park in style with Killarney’s famous horse and traps.

This place offers views of the outstanding lakes and mountains after mountains. Another thing to highlight showing off its natural heritage is Ross Castle. There are some cycle paths and winding lanes which are the best ways to see the castle.

Kilmainham Gaol:
Located in Dublin, this place should be the top of your list if you want to learn about Ireland’s rich history, particularly the 1916 Easter Rising. Kilmainham place dates back to 1796 and became a symbol for oppression and prosecution. It can be described as a spine-chilling place, but is one of Ireland’s must see destinations.

Situated in the beautiful Co. Wicklow is a very historic and mysterious monastic site, that is Glendalough. Visitors have come here to soak up the magnificent views and rich history on offer. There have been some very fascinating archaeological finds that are so interesting to see. The incredibly preserved round tower is a great spot to explore along with the beautiful woodlands and lakes that surround it. There is a visitor centre that offers all you need to know along with marked walking trails.

The Rock of Cashel:
This place has been in countless pictures to represent our country for it has the most beautiful and historic view. Located in Co. Tipperary, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain even visited by helicopter during her 2011 tour of Ireland. This group of medieval buildings consist of a high cross and Romanesque chapel, the 12th century round tower, a 15th century castle, and a 13th century Gothic cathedral. It is said that this place was seat of the High Kings of Munster before the Norman invasions.

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