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This Christmas, make an effort to help those less well off than you writes Clare Echo columnist, Rebecca O’Neill.

Spreading awareness on topics you’re very passionate about is extremely important and can make a large impact. When learning about what the homeless have to deal with during any time of year, it influences me to talk about this crisis a lot more.

Christmas is about a lot of things. It can be viewed in so many different ways due to what we associate the festive season with. For me, it highlights memories with family and gives us an opportunity to share our love through gifts. This time of year holds so much meaning. This Christmas, think about making a difference by helping the homeless and the many different organisations that exist in this area.

Saint Vincent de Paul:
This charity has contributed to so many people throughout its journey. Located in Ennis, they provide clothing and organise social housing projects to ensure everyone has a home. This organisation also provides help for the elderly and fundraisers for holiday breaks and provides day care centres. They also help with education grants and provide opportunities for a better future. To donate or volunteer just visit their website at

Mid-West Simon Community:
This well renowned charity offers so many helping hands involving, housing services, family services, food, drop off services and much more. With a very committed team behind this, it makes a huge impact on ending homelessness. It is governed by a voluntary board of directors. It is made up of very experience and driven people in the fields of Human Resources, Management, financial communications and education. This organisation provides four committees to cover every query such as finance, audit and risk, service development, staff wellness and fundraising. To support this extremely impactful charity visit

Focus Ireland:
This organisation is based in Dublin and provides street work services to young people, advice, advocacy, information and help when trying to find a home or a warm welcoming place with a fresh meal. This charity aims to keep researching and doing advocacy work to keep the topic in the political agenda. This charity has made a change in the homeless crisis and they are extremely passionate about having a voice and fixing this subject. To donate you can simply visit their website

When supporting charities as good as these it really makes you feel good knowing they exist. The homeless will suffer during the colder months and may not even get a Christmas dinner. No human being should ever be without a roof over their head, no matter what the circumstances are. Donations have helped charities across the country to make a difference on someone’s life in creating a safe and healthy space for them.

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