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New OPD not progress for the public

Dear Sir,

Did the county really deserve an OPD which is completely inaccessible by public transport?
Located in an impersonal faceless business park on the periphery of the town, this is NOT progress for the public not all of whom have cars or drivers available up to them.
In my opinion this represents a gross deterioration in health services to the public.

Muireann Neylon,

It is people that are important, not just the bottom line

Dear Sir,

I was very pleased to read the report in The Clare Echo by Páraic McMahon of Senator Martin Conway’s speech in the Senate last week, supporting journalists
from the Iconic Group of newspapers, several who have been laid off in recent weeks.
Union recognition being mandatory within this state would certainly assist workers especially where many employers are taking advantage of Covid-19 to play fast and loose with staff.
Sometime next year when we can see what the real “unlocked” world looks like and what has survived it will be time to remind ourselves that it is people that are important not just figures or the “bottom line”.
Local properly staffed newspapers are an important part of rural and semi-rural life. Admittedly we already have enough people with such casual attitudes to their workers without importing more from the UK, where many of us fought against each such reactionary policies for years.

Keith Cargill,

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