We’re live from Treacy’s West County Hotel for the local election count as 51 candidates battle for 28 seats on Clare County Council. 

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21:43 – A lot of highs and lows of this election count. Well done to all candidates for putting themselves forward not an easy thing to and the Council staff for totting up all the votes.

21:42 – Party breakdown of Clare County Council is now;

Fianna Fail – 13

Fine Gael – 8

Independent – 5

Sinn Féin – 1

Green Party – 1.

21:28 – Clare has elected its 28 councillors. REPORT – New look Clare County Council

21:03 – Garret McPhillips (FG) admits that party colleagues were pushing for him to go further (legal route) but he decided as the candidate not to go higher up with such a case

20:58 – After a long day, Gerry Flynn has also refused to speak with The Clare Echo and The Clare Champion. 

20:56 – Gerry Flynn refused Garret McPhillips offer to shake hands when result was announced for the third time.

20:51 – Pat Dowling confirms to The Clare Echo that the recount gave one extra vote to both McPhillips and Flynn but had no effect. That’s why original ruling when “equality of votes” occurred resulted in referring to first preference votes where Flynn prevailed.

20:38 – Pat Dowling (Returning Officer) confirms the elected candidates in Shannon MD are; Cathal Crowe (FF) John Crowe (FG) Michael Begley (IND) PJ Ryan (IND) Pat McMahon (FF) Mike McKee (SF) Gerry Flynn (IND)

20:36 – Gerry Flynn has been elected.

20:29 – Both Gerry Flynn and Garret McPhillips called into the centre of the count centre

20:28 – McMahon appears to have left the count centre while Mike McKee’s Sinn Féin colleagues have been ever present

20:26 – Reminder that Pat McMahon (FF) 1232, Mike McKee (SF) 1217 along with Gerry Flynn (IND) 1200 did not meet the quota of 1406 when elected the first time round.

20:12 – “I’m thrilled to be an elected as a Councillor in Ennis MD by exceeding the quota of 1500 votes. A huge thank you to my supporters, canvassers, voters and especially my family. I’m looking forward to working on issues & opportunities over the next 5 years,” Cllr Johnny Flynn on his re-election.

20:05 – Sinn Féin’s Margaret O’Connor on the performance of the youngest candidate in Clare for LE19, Sean Naughton. “Sean is a determined young man and I have no doubt this is just the beginning of his journey in getting elected to Clare County Council. He will continue to raise issues in relation to East Clare. Beidh se ar ais aris”.

20:00 – Should McPhillips overtake Flynn in the recount.. Flynn may well himself seek a recount of the recount. Returning Officer/Council Chief Executive Pat Dowling could reject Flynn’s request should the situation arise. He could also sanction it. This could go on and on and on.

19:58 – Recounting still underway in Shannon MD as the battle of Flynn v McPhillips continues #LE19. Next time they bump into each other in SkyCourt/Town Centre will be interesting!!!

19:46 – Fianna Fáil member Mike Enright from Newmarket-on-Fergus is very happy with the overall result for his party in Clare. “We put in the work, Mark Nestor got a brilliant vote in the town of Ennis”. Admits it wasn’t easy for them to replace candidates of Tom McNamara, Richard Nagle and Michael Hillery’s quality.

19:43 – To add some further spice to the #LE19 drama. Gerry Flynn was formerly a member of the Fine Gael party. “In 2004 I was surplus to requirements for Fine Gael as they saw I was a threat to their sitting councillors” he told The Clare Echo recently.

19:40 – Some thoughts from Joseph Woulfe (IND) “What a close final, sorry to be saying I lost out. But will never be sorry I stood up for my Clare people, thank you so so much for voting for me. 1299 votes was last count. I’ve been told it’s a record for a first time independent candidate. It was like an All Ireland Final. I will run again, mark my words. We will do it together. Thanks for the amazing support, I will try to thank you personally and will be putting up signs to say how much I am grateful for your support. The WOULFE will get in the door”.

19:37 – Background music in West County is now playing the John Denver classic ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’. Will it be McPhillips or Flynn leaving the count centre in their own jet plane with a seat on the Council?

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19:31 – Huge numbers flocking into The Clare Echo’s live blog since 9am yesterday morning. Welcome one, welcome all.

19:23 – Some election veterans including Kieran O’Donnell (Killaloe MD Meetings Administrator), Madeline Taylor-Quinn (ex Fine Gael Senator), Cllr John Crowe (FG) and Gerry Reidy (FF Director of Elections) can recall “equality of votes” may have occurred in 1999 where Bernard ‘Bomber’ Hanrahan (FF) pipped Brian Meaney (GP) by one vote in the Ennis area.

19:22 – Fine Gael have called for the cavalry as their tally men and women have returned to the count centre to examine the recount

19:10 – The “equality of votes” that resulted from the recheck being discussed around the count centre. Based on the ruling, following a recount/recheck when candidates finish level we revert to the first preference vote which would have seen Gerry Flynn (IND) elected.

19:04 – Council staff currently getting a break before tucking into the recount.

19:02 – Likely that the look is more aimed at yours truly than Garret!

19:00 – As we talk to Garret, Gerry Flynn walks past and gives as dirty a look as you can see.

18:56 – “On reflection I should have consulted with the older heads in the party before shaking hands but that’s inexperience,” Garret McPhillips tells The Clare Echo. 

18:48 – Supposedly Games of Thrones was an anti-climax, this latest drama in Shannon MD is one hell of a twist as the battle lines have been firmly drawn between Gerry Flynn (IND) and Garret McPhillips (FG).

18:46 – “We’ll be bringing people back into tally,” Fine Gael’s Sean Chambers says of what they will do in the recount

18:45 – Now we’re effectively back to scratch in the Shannon MD #LE19. Expected that the count will be much quicker than when t commenced today as votes were organised

18:43 – Very much uncharted territory for a local election in Clare with the “inequality of votes” and a recheck being started as opposed to a recount despite the Fine Gael request.

18:41 – Very tense exchange between Gerry Flynn and Garret McPhillips draws to a close on Clare FM. “I trust the CE and the staff in the work they do,” Cllr Gerry Flynn says. In response, Garret McPhillips – “A recheck is very different to a recount”.

18:37 – Just when you talk it was cooling down, it’s all spiced up again. McPhillips had appeared to be willing to accept result from recheck but senior party members were not having any of it #LE19

18:35 – “A further full recount will take place in thirty minutes time” Pat Dowling announces having consulted with both parties.

18:33 – Dowling has since spoken with Gerry Flynn.

18:32 – Pat Dowling now in discussions with senior members of Council staff #LE19

18:31 – However, Fine Gael members have said “We asked for a recount not a recheck”. One party member states they will be contacting their solicitor and Pat Dowling asks for the remark to be withdrawn

18:28 – Pat Dowling reveals there has been an “equality of votes”. “Rules dictate that the exclusion is done on base of first preference votes”. On this Gerry Flynn gets in ahead of Garret McPhillips.

18:27 – Returning Officer/Council Chief Exec Pat Dowling now addressing Garret McPhillips (FG) & Gerry Flynn (IND). McPhillips’ advisers Joe Carey and co prevented from engaging in the discussions

18:22 – Voter turnout a big disappointment in Clare, those are the views of Sinn Féin duo Donna McGettigan and Violet-Anne Wynne plus Joseph Woulfe (IND).

18:16 – Party members, supporters and some candidates keeping a very close eye on the Council staff carrying out the recount.

18:08 – U2’s ‘Pride (In The Name of Love)’ playing in the background of the count centre here in Ennis. No confirmation that Garret McPhillips is singing for five extra votes ‘in the name of love’ to cause an upset over Gerry Flynn.

17:53 – Will be a considerable length of time before we have word on the Shannon MD recount. We’re still here, any queries or questions fire them on to us.

17:36 – Council staff working through the recount in the Shannon MD. Bulk of the crowd have left the count centre, The Clare Echo hasn’t!

17:16 – Garret McPhillips has requested a recount seeing as he is four votes behind Gerry Flynn. This decision has been granted and a full recount of the Shannon MD will begin in the next three minutes.

17:11 – Fine Gael currently considering a recount in the Shannon MD #LE19

17:09 – Flynn Gerry (IND) 1200 (+66)
McKee Mike (SF) 1217 (+68)
McMahon Pat (FF) 1232 (+70)
McPhillips Garret (FG) 1196 (+202)

17:08 – Pat McMahon (FF), Mike McKee (SF), Gerry Flynn (IND) elected without reaching the quota in Shannon #LE19

17:04 – PJ Ryan predicting to The Clare Echo that there will be no change in the Shannon MD, “Pat McMahon is an old warrior and so is Gerry Flynn”, if there is a casualty he has flagged that it could be Sinn Féin’s Mike McKee.

17:01 – McPhillips tipped to be the big winner from Long’s transfers.

17:00 – The wait continues for the sixth count in the Shannon MD, a truly decisive one with four candidates (Gerry Flynn, Mike McKee, Pat McMahon & Garret McPhillips) fighting for three seats.

16:58 – Pat McMahon “To quote the great Alex Ferguson ‘it’s squeaky bum time'”.

16:51 – Michael Begley has heard a lot about Joe Arkins failing to hold onto his seat while being the Mayor in 2014. Highlights that being moved with Clonlara into Shannon MD was “a tough task” but one he relished as he canvassed every single Clonlara house on his own. His wider network of canvassers helped him cover the rest of the MD.

16:42 – Defeat was the lot for Ger O’Halloran five years on from the heartbreak of his three vote loss to Clare Colleran Molloy. “The dust is beginning to settle on another attempt at getting a County Councillor in our Parish. As was the case 5 years ago , I was unsuccessful in the finish up. Such is the way things can unfold when you allow your name to go on any Ballot paper. The support from my own community of Quin, Clooney, Maghera and Dangan in the ballot box was such that I will probably never be able to acknowledge it properly.

16:38 – Shane Talty on reflection of his election to the Council, “All I can do today is sincerely thank all that were involved in my campaign and then all those who placed their trust in me with their number 1. The huge number that canvassed with me plus countless behind the scenes canvassers & posters team – thanks to all. The incredible numbers who came to the count centre last night – thank you. The people of North Clare – I am blown over by the vote and I will do everything I can in a straight manner for you”.

16:34 – “Thanks to everyone that supported me over the election campaign and voted for me on Friday. To get 715 first preference votes in my first ever election campaign was something I’m very proud of. Special thanks to my family, friends and campaign team who put in so much work and made this such an enjoyable experience. Finally I would like to congratulate all the elected candidates,” Alfonso D’Auria.

16:32 – Joseph Woulfe (IND) hopes his #LE19 attempt will inspire others to put themselves forward. Notes that it is a concern Miltown Malbay will be without a councillor.

16:31 – “Emotions were high this morning. Held onto my seat on Clare County Council for the next five years. Thanks to everyone, Aideen, my two boys, family, canvassers, to everyone we met at the doors for supporting me. Over the moon” – Alan O’Callaghan

16:26 – Very tight contest in the Shannon MD. Three votes between Eugene Long and Garret McPhillipps, 140 between McPhillips and Gerry Flynn, the fifteen separate Flynn and Mike McKee, 13 then between McKee and Pat McMahon.

16:21 – Negotiations from Fine Gael to request a recount have concluded. The party have decided not to seek a recount. We continue as normal.

16:07 – PJ Ryan (IND) elected to Clare County Council for third election in succession in Shannon MD.

16:06 – Shannon MD Fifth Count;

Shannon MD #LE19 Fifth Count;
Flynn Gerry (FF) 1134 (+4)
Long Eugene (FG) 991 (+6)
McKee Mike (SF) 1149 (+1)
McMahon Pat (FF) 1162 (+2)
McPhillips Garret (FG) 994 (+1)
Ryan PJ (IND) 1407 (+3)

16:00 – Ian Lynch relieved to get over the line in Kilrush LEA. Felt Miltown Malbay came out in numbers for Joseph Woulfe. Looking forward to working with the likes of Roisin Garvey, Cillian Murphy & Shane Talty.

15:57 – Cillian Murphy is “delighted” to be Kilkee’s first elected rep on Clare County Council since his mentor Patrick Keane (FF). Admits he would not have got elected if he was not under the Fianna Fáil banner.

15:44 – PJ Ryan is just two votes from the quota in the Shannon MD.

15:39 – Cillian Murphy and Ian Lynch both elected to the Kilrush LEA. Joseph Woulfe misses out.

15:37 – Kilrush LEA Sixth Count (Transfers of M Taylor & VA Wynne)

Lynch Ian (IND) 1483 (+296)
Murphy Cillian (FF) 1513 (+211)
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 1299 (+166)

15:31 – Shannon MD Fourth Count (John Crowe’s surplus)

Flynn Gerry (FF) 1130 (+2)
Long Eugene (FG) 985 (+5)
McKee Mike (SF) 1148 (+2)
McMahon Pat (FF) 1160 (+3)
McPhillips Garret (FG) 993 (+2)
Ryan PJ (IND) 1404 (+9)

15:25 – Though unsuccessful in his first bid for the Council, Mike Taylor (FG) intends to contest the next local elections when they come around.

15:15 – Nonetheless the general feeling at the count centre is that Fine Gael will elect a second candidate in Shannon MD at expense of either Gerry Flynn, Mike McKee or Pat McMahon.

15:13 – John Crowe’s surplus of 23 to be distributed to decide whether or not Eugene Long or Garret McPhillips will be eliminated next.

15:11 – Shannon MD Third Count;

Begley Michael (IND) 1423 (+145)
Flynn Gerry (FF) 1128 (+53)
Long Eugene (FG) 980 (+101)
McKee Mike (SF) 1146 (+69)
McMahon Pat (FF) 1157 (+24)
McPhillips Garret (FG) 991 (+25)
Ryan PJ (IND) 1395 (+46)

15:07 – Mayor of Clare Michael Begley (IND) elected on the third count in the Shannon MD.

14:59 – Sinn Féin candidates Violet-Anne Wynne (Kilrush) and Donna McGettigan (Ennis) both disappointed with the turnout of 51.% in Co Clare

14:53 – Newmarket-on-Fergus parishioners nervous their councillor Pat McMahon (FF) could be pipped at the post when it comes to transfers in the Shannon MD.

14:51 – Kilrush LEA Fifth Count (Gabriel Keating’s surplus)

Lynch Ian (IND) 1187 (+42)
Murphy Cillian (FF) 1302 (+15)
Taylor Mike (FG) 527 (+19)
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 1133 (+15)
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 417 (+3)

14:49 – Violet-Anne Wynne (SF) and Mike Taylor (FG) eliminated from Kilrush LEA on fifth count.

14:39 – John Crowe’s surplus of 23 not enough so Betty Walsh (SD) is eliminated.

14:37 – Shannon MD Second Count (Cathal Crowe transfers)

Begley Michael (IND) 1278 (+251)
Crowe John (FG) 1429 (+121)
Flynn Gerry (FF) 1075 (+35)
Long Eugene (FG) 879 (+260)
McKee Mike (SF) 1077 (+35)
McMahon Pat (FF) 1133 (+160)
McPhillips Garret (FG) 966 (+27)
Ryan PJ (IND) 1349 (+11)
Walsh Betty (SD) 649 (+170)

14:33 – John Crowe (FG) elected on second count in Shannon MD.

14:27 – Shannon MD second count due in five minutes.

14:25 – No candidate eliminated in Kilrush LEA, Gabriel Keating’s surplus to be divided out.

14:24 – Ian Lynch increases his lead over Joseph Woulfe, Bill Chambers’ surplus helps running mate Cillian Murphy add 87 votes, he is still 243 off the quota.

14:22 – Kilrush LEA Fourth Count;

Lynch Ian (IND) 1145 (+37)
Murphy Cillian (FF) 1287 (+87)
Taylor Mike (FG) 508 (+10)
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 1118 (+14)
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 414 (+5)

14:15 – Cathal Crowe (FF) expects his running mate Pat McMahon will hold onto his seat in the Shannon MD and for McMahon, PJ Ryan and Michael Begley to take the most from his transfers.

14:12 – Quota in Shannon MD is 1,406 #LE19
Begley Michael (IND) 1027
Crowe John (FG) 1308
Flynn Gerry (FF) 1041
Long Eugene (FG) 619
McKee Mike (SF) 1042
McMahon Pat (FF) 973
McPhillips Garret (FG) 939
Ryan PJ (IND) 1238
Walsh Betty (SD) 479

14:10 – Quota in Kilrush LEA is 1,530.
Ian Lynch (1108)
Cillian Murphy (1200)
Mike Taylor (408)
Joseph Woulfe (1104)
Violet-Anne Wynne (409)

14:00 – We’re now awaiting the third count in Kilrush and the second in the Shannon MD.

13:51 – Council staff break for lunch. They’ll be back counting shortly.

13:39 – Some varying differences to the sitting councillors votes in Shannon MD compared with the 2014 local election.

Michael Begley (-363)
Cathal Crowe (+646)
John Crowe (+89)
Gerry Flynn (+1)
Mike McKee (+269)
Pat McMahon (-51)
PJ Ryan (+413)

13:35 – Cathal Crowe (FF) elected on the first count. Second election in a row that he has done so on the first count.

13:34 – Shannon MD First Count;

Begley Michael (IND) 1027
Crowe Cathal (FF) 2575
Crowe John (FG) 1208
Flynn Gerry (FF) 1041
Long Eugene (FG) 619
McKee Mike (SF) 1042
McMahon Pat (FF) 973
McPhillips Garret (FG) 939
Ryan PJ (IND) 1238
Walsh Betty (SD) 479

13:27 – Next count expected in four minutes time according to Clare County Council.

13:21 – 17 seats filled on Clare County Council, 11 more to go.

13:15 – Only four votes between Independents Ian Lynch and Joseph Woulfe in the Kilrush LEA. They look set to battle it out for the final seat.

13:12 – “All we need now is the third seat in Kilrush to top it off”, Fianna Fáil General Election candidate, Rita McInerney.

13:10 – Pat Daly (FF) tells The Clare Echo having to wait until last count to be elected to Ennis MD was a “scary” experience.

13:08 – Shannon MD count due in the next five minutes.

13:07 – Kilrush LEA Third Count;

Lynch Ian (IND) 1108 (+27)
Murphy Cillian (FF) 1200 (+6)
Taylor Mike (FG) 498 (+6)
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 1104 (+14)
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 409 (+10)

12:44 – Shannon MD candidates and their campaign managers now assessing spoiled votes with the Chief Executive. Meaning first count from there will be due shortly.

12:37 – Paul Murphy (FG) elected in Ennis, fourteen votes over the quota. Ann Norton (IND) and Pat Daly (FF) elected without reaching the quota and Dermot Hayes draws out.

12:35 – Ennis MD Tenth Count (Johnny Flynn transfers)

Ennis MD #LE19 Tenth Count –
Daly Pat (FF) 1293 (+28)
Hayes Dermot (IND) 1170 (+18)
Murphy Paul (FG) 1444 (+24)
Norton Ann (IND) 1396 (+28)

12:29 – Kilrush LEA Second Count (PJ Kelly transfers);

Chambers Bill (FF) 1683 (+252)
Keating Gabriel (FG) 1624 (+127)
Lynch Ian (IND) 1081 (+55)
Lynch Noreen (IND) 83 (+7)
Murphy Cillian (FF) 1194 (+84)
Taylor Mike (FG) 492 (+19)
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 1090 (+56)
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 399 (+14)

12:26 – Bill Chambers (FF) and Gabriel Keating (FG) elected to Kilrush LEA.

12:14 – First elected in 1974, Cllr Kelly will continue to represent the Kilrush LEA following his first count election.

12:13 – “I don’t get carried away but yes I am happy” Cllr PJ Kelly tells The Clare Echo.

12:12 – Johnny Flynn’s surplus to be distributed in Ennis now. His FG colleague Paul Murphy is ten votes from the quota.

12:10 – Ennis MD Ninth Count;

Daly Pat (FF) 1265 (+37)
Hayes Dermot (IND) 1152 (+18)
Murphy Paul (FG) 1420 (+20)
Norton Ann (IND) 1368 (+40)

11:48 – Ennis MD Eighth Count;

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1437 (+87)
Daly Pat (FF) 1228 (+63)
Flynn Johnny (FG) 1551 (+146)
Hayes Dermot (IND) 1134 (+121)
Murphy Paul (FG) 1400 (+56)
Nestor Mark (FF) 1576 (+169)
Norton Ann (IND) 1328 (+174)

11:46 – Mark Nestor, Johnny Flynn and Clare Colleran Molloy all elected to Ennis MD.

11:43 – PJ Kelly’s votes to be transferred now in second count of Kilrush LEA.

11:42 – Kilrush LEA First Count –

Chambers Bill (FF) 1431
Keating Gabriel (FG) 1494
Kelly PJ (FF) 2147
Lynch Ian (IND) 1026
Lynch Noreen (IND) 76
Murphy Cillian (FF) 1100
Taylor Mike (FG) 473
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 1034
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 385

11:26 – Pat Daly (FF) is only 11 votes ahead of Ann Norton (IND). Dermot Hayes (IND) is 141 votes off Norton.

11:24 – Six seats left to be filled in the Ennis MD. This is the order of how they stand so far; Mark Nestor (FF), Johnny Flynn (FG), Clare Colleran Molloy (FF), Paul Murphy (FG), Pat Daly (FF), Ann Norton (IND), Dermot Hayes (IND).

11:20 – Dermot Hayes as sharp as ever, asked by The Clare Echo how many votes will he pick up off Alfonso D’Auria (IND) of Enzo’s on Parnell St, “How many chips can I buy off him” comes the reply.

11:11 – “Five hours is a long way away not to mention five years”, Alfonso D’Auria (IND) on whether he will make a future local election bid.

11:09 – Tony O’Brien (FF) tells The Clare Echo the people of the Killaloe MD voting to return all five sitting councillors is a vote of confidence in the job they have over the past five years.

10:58 – Alfonso D’Auria’s transfers vital for Dermot Hayes if he is to cause an upset.

10:57 – Ennis MD Seventh Count;

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1350 (+5)
Daly Pat (FF) 1165 (+4)
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 958 (+6)
Flynn Johnny (FG) 1395 (+8)
Hayes Dermot (IND) 1013 (+1)
Murphy Paul (FG) 1344 (+12)
Nestor Mark (FF) 1407 (+6)
Norton Ann (IND) 1154 (+11)

10:55 – Alfonso D’Auria (IND) eliminated from Ennis MD.

10:52 – It’s as you were in Killaloe MD with all sitting five councillors returned. The party breakdown remains as Fianna Fáil x3, Fine Gael x2.

10:50 – Count underway now for the Shannon Municipal District #LE19

10:43 – Two elections in a row for Ger O’Halloran to come up short, he was three votes off Clare Colleran Molloy in the 2014 local election.

10:41 – Result from the sixth and final count in the Killaloe MD.

Burke Pat (FG) 1577 (+182)
O’Brien Tony (FF) 1536 (+104)
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1565 (+91)
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 1287 (+97)

10:39 – Pat Burke (FG), Alan O’Callaghan (FF), Tony O’Brien (FF) all elected in Killaloe MD without reaching the quota

10:37 – Ennis MD Sixth Count (Frank Cullinan Transfers)

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1345 (+83)
Daly Pat (FF) 1161 (+57)
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 952 (+90)
Flynn Johnny (FG) 1387 (+43)
Hayes Dermot (IND) 1012 (+63)
Howard Mary (FG) 1484 (+61)
Murphy Paul (FG) 1332 (+26)
Nestor Mark (FF) 1401 (+75)
Norton Ann (IND) 1143 (+61)

10:28 – “This is not the end, just a pause,” – Beckha Doyle.

10:27 – As we wait on some conclusion to the Killaloe MD, here’s the thoughts of first time Social Democrat candidate Beckha Doyle. “So it wasn’t to be, didn’t make it over the line this time. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and has supported me through the campaign, words cannot express what it has meant to me. Special thanks to my family and friends who have been nothing short of amazing throughout”.

10:24 – A result from Killaloe is due shortly. The sixth count may well be the final one there.

10:21 – Mary Howard (FG) is just seven votes from the quota in the Ennis MD. No candidate yet elected there. Frank Cullinan’s transfers could ensure she is the first home.

10:14 – “Elections are hard fought and hard won. I put my name forward to be a voice for Kilrush and West Clare, I am hoping the transfers will go in our favour.  Every area is afraid of not having representation and the tallies have shown this with a tight contest. The closeness of the Kilrush LEA shows just how important it is that everyone that has a vote uses the vote, your vote does make a difference. Very best of luck to Cillian Murphy and Joseph Woulfe as we enter the final stages. 3 candidates battle for 2 seats and it looks like it will be down to less than 100 votes to decide. Well done to every candidate who put themselves forward it is not easy and even harder when you come up on the tough side be proud for trying to make a difference. Whatever the outcome for me tomorrow I have had the pleasure of serving you for 10 years and I am very grateful for the opportunity you have given me, thank you.
Now lets hope that your transfers are in our favour and we secure the final seat”, Cllr Ian Lynch giving his take late last night on the battle for the fifth and final seat in the Kilrush LEA.

10:12 – Alan O’Callaghan and Pat Burke receive the most from Pat Hayes (FF).

10:11 – Result from fifth count in Killaloe MD;

Burke Pat (FG) 1395 (+28)
O’Brien Tony (FF) 1432 (+16)
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1474 (+57)
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 981 (+15)
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 1190 (+22)

10:10 – Mary Howard, Johnny Flynn, Ann Norton, Alfonso D’Auria & Dermot Hayes the big winners from Seamus Ryan transfers in Ennis MD

10:08 – Ennis MD Fifth Count (Seamus Ryan transfers)

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1262 (+37
Cullinan Frank (IND) 604 (+13)
Daly Pat (FF) 1104 (+13)
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 862 (+66)
Flynn Johnny (FG) 1344 (+73)
Hayes Dermot (IND) 949 (+63)
Howard Mary (FG) 1423 (+83)
Murphy Paul (FG) 1306 (+31)
Nestor Mark (FF) 1326 (+56)
Norton Ann (IND) 1082 (+75)

10:06 – Frank Cullinan eliminated from Ennis MD on fifth count.

10:03 – Barry O’Donovan (GP) eliminated in Killaloe.

09:59 – Results coming.

09:35 – Three seats left to be filled in Killaloe MD, 1.687 is the quota. Hayes’ transfers expected to benefit Tony O’Brien, Alan O’Callaghan and Pat Burke the most.

09:32 – Killaloe MD latest before fifth count (transfers of Pat Hayes)

Burke Pat (FG) 1367
O’Brien Tony (FF) 1416
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1417
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 966
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 1168

09:30 – Punctual start from Council Chief Executive Pat Dowling as the Ennis MD fifth count, Killaloe MD fifth count and Kilrush LEA first count all begin.

09:30 – Seven seats to be filled in Ennis, no candidate elected yet.

09:27 – Ennis MD latest before fifth count (transfers of Seamus Ryan’s vote);

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1225
Cullinan Frank (IND) 591
Daly Pat (FF) 1091
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 796
Flynn Johnny (FG) 1271
Hayes Dermot (IND) 886
Howard Mary (FG) 1340
Murphy Paul (FG) 1275
Nestor Mark (FF) 1270
Norton Ann (IND) 1007

09:22 – “Fingers crossed, gap to be closed”, Dermot Hayes (IND) on his chances in Ennis MD.

09:20 – Joseph Woulfe (IND) “I’m in fifth position in a five seat election. Fingers crossed”, he says of his prospects in the Kilrush LEA.

09:17 – Counting yet to begin for fifth count in Ennis, fifth count in Killaloe MD and first count for Kilrush LEA and Shannon MD. That is expected to start at 09:30

08:57 – Rise and shine, we’re back at Treacys West County Hotel for day two of the local election count in Clare.

01:18 – We’re signing off from our live blog for the night. We’ll be back in the morning as counting resumes.

00:58 – Ennis MD count adjourned till the morning.

00:57 – Seamus Ryan (LAB) eliminated.

00:56 – Ennis MD Fourth Count (Transfers from Major and McGettigan)

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1225 (+30)

Cullinan Frank (IND) 591 (+26)

Daly Pat (FF) 1091 (+20)

D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 796 (+60)

Flynn Johnny (FG) 1271 (+20)

Hayes Dermot (IND) 886 (+78)

Howard Mary (FG) 1340 (+22)

Murphy Paul (FG) 1275 (+319

Nestor Mark (FF) 1270 (+42)

Norton Ann (IND) 1007 (+63)

Ryan Seamus (LAB) 588 (+59)

00:50 – We’ll have one more count from the Ennis MD before it is adjourned till the morning.

00:49 – Killaloe MD count adjourned till the morning.

00:48 – Killaloe MD Fourth Count –

Burke Pat (FG) 1367 (+65)

Hayes Pat (FF) 1899 (+214)

O’Brien Tony (FF) 1416 (+24)

O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1417 (+108)

O’Donovan Barry (GP) 966 (+75)

O’Halloran Ger (FG) 1168 (+49)

00:46 – Pat Hayes (FF) elected in Killaloe MD.

00:25 – Tulla’s Joe Floyd (IND) eliminated in the Killaloe MD. Pat Hayes (FF) two shy of the quota.

00:24 – Killaloe MD Third Count (Beckha Doyle & Sean Naughton transfers)

Burke Pat (FG) 1311 (+31)

Floyd Joe (IND) 659 (+44)

Hayes Pat (FF) 1685 (+37)

O’Brien Tony (FF) 1392 (+61)

O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1309 (+28)

O’Donovan Barry (GP) 891 (+145)

O’Halloran Ger (FG) 1119 (+15)

00:22 – Amanda Major (IND) and Donna Deirdre McGettigan (SF) eliminated in Ennis MD.

00:21 – Ennis MD Third Count;

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1195 (+9)

Cullinan Frank (IND) 565 (+2)

Daly Pat (FF) 1066 (+2)

D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 736 (+21)

Flynn Johnny (FG) 1251 (+7)

Hayes Dermot (IND) 808 (+9)

Howard Mary (FG) 1318 (+7)

Major Amanda (IND) 229 (+19)

McGettigan Donna (SF) 288 (+11)

Murphy Paul (FG) 1256 (+3)

Nestor Mark (FF) 1228 (+17)

Norton Ann (IND) 944 (+17)

Ryan Seamus (LAB) 529 (+32)

00:11 – The Green Wave has reached Clare. Roisin Garvey (GP) is the first @greenparty_ie candidate since Brian Meaney (2009) to win a seat on Clare County Council

00:10 – Bill Slattery (FG) is the first sitting councillor to lose his seat in Clare.

00:09 – Joe Killeen (FF) passes the quota while Roisin Garvey (GP) and Joe Garrihy (FG) are elected without reaching the quota.

00:08 – Ennistymon LEA Fourth Count (O’Loghlen’s transfers)

Garrihy Joe (FG) 1650 (+197)
Garvey Roisin (GP) 1647 (+108)
Killeen Joe (FF) 1781 (+494)
Slattery Bill (FG) 1579 (+128)

23:59 – Distribution of Martin O’Loghlen (FF) vote due shortly for Ennistymon LEA.

23:58 – “It’s true what they say, you’ll never know what way it will go”, Frank Cullinan (IND) tells The Clare Echo. The Kilnamona native currently has 563 votes.

23:53 – Quotas for the areas being counted so far; Ennis MD (1,430), Ennistymon (1,720), Killaloe (1,687).

23:51 – Carey also feels Garret McPhillips is well in with a shout of pulling a second seat for Fine Gael in the Shannon MD.

23:50 – Fine Gael TD, Joe Carey very proud of Paul Murphy’s result in Clarecastle and the overall result in Ennis MD with Johnny Flynn and Mary Howard set to retain their seats.

23:47 – Third count for Ennis MD due shortly.

23:43 – “I think I’ll be ok”, Pat Burke (FG) thinks he’ll hold onto his seat in the Killaloe MD.

23:41 – Chris Kirwan (SD) a first time candidate and NUIG student has been eliminated on the second count in Ennis.

23:39 – Ennis MD Second Count (André Hakizimana’s transfers)

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1186 (+2)

Cullinan Frank (IND) 563 (+1)

Daly Pat (FF) 1066 (+2)

D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 715 (+0)

Flynn Johnny (FG) 1244 (+4)

Hayes Dermot (IND) 799 (+6)

Howard Mary (FG) 1311 (+0)

Kirwan Chris (SD) 174 (+2)

Major Amanda (IND) 210 (+10)

McGettigan Donna (SF) 277 (+0)

Murphy Paul (FG) 1253 (+1)

Nestor Mark (FF) 1211 (+0)

Norton Ann (IND) 927 (+2)

Ryan Seamus (LAB) 497 (+2)

23:30 – Sean Naughton (SF) & Beckha Doyle (SD) first time candidates in the Killaloe MD have been eliminated.

23:29 – Killaloe MD Second Count (Joe Cooney’s surplus)

Burke Pat (FG) 1280 (+244)

Doyle Beckha (SD) 221 (+23)

Floyd Joe (IND) 615 (+84)

Hayes Pat (FF) 1648 (+262)

Naughton Sean (SF) 208 (+19)

O’Brien Tony (FF) 1331 (+104)

O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1281 (+164)

O’Donovan Barry (GP) 746 (+38)

O’Halloran Ger (FG) 1104 (+72)

23:21 – Ennis MD First Count;

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1184

Cullinan Frank (IND) 562

Daly Pat (FF) 1064

D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 715

Flynn Johnny (FG) 1240

Hakizimana André (IND) 35

Hayes Dermot (IND) 793

Howard Mary (FG) 1311

Kirwan Chris (SD) 172

Major Amanda (IND) 200

McGettigan Donna (SF) 277

Murphy Paul (FG) 1252

Nestor Mark (FF) 1211

Norton Ann (IND) 925

Ryan Seamus (LAB) 495

23:11 – Martin O’Loghlen (FF), parliamentary assistant to Timmy Dooley has been eliminated on the third count in the Ennistymon LEA.

23:10 – Ennistymon LEA Third Count – (Talty’s surplus)

Garrihy Joe (FG) 1453 (+42)
Garvey Roisin (GP) 1539 (+32)
Killeen Joe (FF) 1287 (+40)
O’Loghlen Martin (FF) 1039 (+59)
Slattery Bill (FG) 1451 (+84)

23:06 – The Clare Echo’s Editor Stuart Holly has been speaking with Shane Talty (FF). Interview here –https://www.clareecho.ie/overwhelmed-talty-first-in-clare-to-be-elected/

23:05 – Joe Cooney tells The Clare Echo he’s hopeful but not sure his surplus of votes will go to FG colleagues Pat Burke & Ger O’Halloran #LE19

22:56 – “The machine is still going” – Dermot Hayes (IND) notes of The Clare Echo’s #LE19 coverage.

22:55 – Ger O’Halloran (FG) has told supporters he’s very much unsure as to how the Killaloe MD result will pan out #le19

22:48 – State of play in Ennistymon LEA following two counts – Shane Talty (elected), Roisin Garvey, Joe Garrihy, Bill Slattery, Joe Killeen, Martin O’Loghlen, Noeleen Moran (eliminated)

22:44 – Remarkable performance from Joe Cooney yet again. His transfers now crucial to determining final outcome of Killaloe MD.

22:36 – Distribution of Shane Talty’s surplus of 257 votes now underway in Ennistymon LEA.

22:35 – Roisin Garvey (205) the big winner from Noeleen Moran’s transfers.

22:34 – Ennistymon LEA Second Count (Noeelen Moran’s transfers)

Garrihy Joe (FG) 1411 (+83)

Garvey Roisin (GP) 1507 (+205)

Killeen Joe (FF) 1247 (+51)

O’Loghlen Martin (FF) 980 (+63)

Slattery Bill (FG) 1367 (+64)

22:27 – Joe Cooney (FG) elected on the first count in Killaloe.

22:26 – Killaloe MD First Count;

Burke Pat (FG) 1036

Cooney Joe (FG) 2697

Doyle Beckha (SD) 198

Floyd Joe (IND) 531

Hayes Pat (FF) 1386

Naughton Sean (SF) 189

O’Brien Tony (FF) 1227

O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1117

O’Donovan Barry (GP) 708

O’Halloran Ger (FG) 1032

22:20 – “What will be will be, the people have spoken,” Tony O’Brien (FF) is optimistic of retaining his seat in the Killaloe MD.

22:18 – “The posters worked for Mark Nestor”, Timmy Dooley admits the struggle to get first time candidate Mark Nestor to put up posters has reaped rewards in the Ennis MD. Says he would have liked the party to run an additional candidate in the Shannon MD.

22:08 – Sinn Féin’s Noeleen Moran has been eliminated. Her votes plus the surplus from Shane Talty now being distributed.

22:07 – Ennistymon LEA First Count;

Garrihy Joe (FG) 1328

Garvey Roisin (GP) 1302

Killeen Joe (FF) 1196

Moran Noeleen (SF) 575

O’Loghlen Martin (FF) 917

Slattery Bill (FG) 1303

Talty Shane (FF) 1977

22:04 – Shane Talty (FF) elected on first count in Ennistymon.

21:57 – First count for Ennistymon to follow in the next couple of minutes, Pat Dowling announces to the count centre.

21:55 – Joseph Woulfe had a campaign team of six people for #LE19. Referring to his strong 1st pref vote compared to some party candidates: “Voters now want a person to represent them, not a machine”

21:54 – Michael McTigue of the Fianna Fáil party tells The Clare Echo they are delighted with their performance in Ennis as they appear to cope with the retirement of Tom McNamara.

21:53 – Speaking to The Clare Echo, Alfonso D’Auria says he’s happy with his final tally which gives 703 votes and in the hunt alongside Ann Norton and Dermot Hayes for final seat.

21:51 – According to Joe Floyd he wasn’t going to run in five years time regardless of outcome today. “If I got in I was going to have a Tulla candidate ready to replace me in five years”.

21:49 – Joe Floyd tells The Clare Echo he “is very happy” with final tallies of 518. “The others had started and passed the bend by the time I reached the line” he added of the time advantage all other candidates had on him.

21:35 – Pat Dowling calls for campaign managers and candidates in the Killaloe MD to come forward to examine spoilt votes.

21:32 – People of all ages starting to gather in Treacys West County as the wait for the first count in Ennis, Ennistymon & Killaloe continues.

21:27 – Campaign managers and candidates in the Ennistymon LEA currently assessing spoilt votes before first count is announced.

21:25 – Green Party reps in Clare say they will be relying on second preference votes to get Roisin Garvey across the line in the Ennistymon LEA but admit she has surprised herself with the amount of first preference votes in the tallies.

21:17 – “Today was much easier put down than five years ago”, Cllr Paul Murphy on being second as per Ennis MD #LE19 tallies compared to his election on the 20th count in #LE14

21:16 – A beaming Gabriel Keating tells The Clare Echo “My vote has gone up fifty percent” #LE19.

21:13 – Mark Nestor says there’s a long way to go yet, adding his delight that it looks like there’ll be some “new young faces” in the Council chambers.

21:06 – We’re hearing it could be another 40-45 minutes until the first count is read out for Ennis, Ennistymon or Killaloe.

21:01 – Cllr Alan O’Callaghan (FF) is braced for a battle for the final seat in the Killaloe MD. The Kilmurry publican is predicting Joe Cooney, Pat Hayes and Pat Burke to be guaranteed of their places. He thinks the fight will be between either himself and Ger O’Halloran or Tony O’Brien and O’Halloran for the fifth and final seat.

20:57 – Mary Howard tells The Clare Echo she is “very happy” with tallies from Ennis MD. She pinpoints Oliver Garry’s defeat five years ago as a lesson that no seat is ever safe in politics.

20:53 – Pat Daly’s two sons Ciarán and Niall are in attendance and admit to The Clare Echo they are concerned about where second pref votes might end up.

20:45 – Fine Gael are confident Garret McPhillips will take the seat in Shannon currently occupied by Sinn Féin’s Mike McKee.

20:43 – Regarding the Shannon MD, “It’s not over yet” Lynch comments. Surprised that his parishioner in Newmarket-on-Fergus, Cllr Pat McMahon has lost votes in this election.

20:41 – “You can’t beat youth, you get one chance at it”, political analyst Martin Lynch of the FG party tells The Clare Echo 

20:38 – Hayes admits to being nervous in the morning with initial votes. Much happier with his current position.

20:37 – Fianna Fáil’s Pat Hayes expects the makeup of Killaloe MD to remain the same and predicts Joe Cooney, Tony O’Brien, Alan O’Callaghan, Pat Burke and himself will be returned.

20:36 – “Not happy but I’m not sad”, Cllr Michael Begley gives his reaction to early tallies which indicate he will hold his seat having moved from the Killaloe MD to the Shannon MD.

20:24 – Mike Taylor is surprised with the support he received for his native Kilkee. The NUIG student’s first time running for local office and expects to be back on the ballot paper in five years. Felt people had intended to vote for him but opted to go for experience not change when they went to the polling booth.

20:16 – “It’s days like today you’d miss it”, Oliver Garry on his decision to withdraw from the race. The former Kildysart councillor has labelled the transfers from Mike Taylor as critical to deciding the outcome in the Kilrush LEA. Maintained the outcome in Kilrush LEA would be very different had he ran.

20:02 – Shane Talty tells The Clare Echo “It’s a great day”. In his first bid for the Council, the postmaster is set to be returned at the top of the poll in the Ennistymon LEA.

19:46 – Counting officially underway for the Ennis, Ennistymon and Killaloe MD.

19:45 – “We will proceed as efficiently as possible and keep delays to a minimum,” Council Chief Executive Pat Dowling.

19:43 – Divorce Referendum, Clare votes YES.

YES: 39,747.

NO: 8,551

19:36 – Dermot Hayes (IND) pays a visit to The Clare Echo station. Expects to receive transfers from Sinn Féin’s Donna McGettigan and Labour’s Seamus Ryan which would help him pile the pressure on Ann Norton.

Crowe Cathal (FF) 2515
Crowe John (FG) 1233
Ryan PJ (IND) 1210
Flynn Gerry (IND) 1037
Begley Michael (IND) 1032
McKee Mike (SF) 1030
McMahon Pat (FF) 954
McPhillips Garret (FG) 927
Long Eugene (FG) 603
Walsh Betty(SD) 461

Kelly PJ (FF) 2107
Keating Gabriel (FG) 1450
Chambers Bill (FF) 1362
Murphy Cillian (FF) 1082
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 987
Lynch Ian (IND) 982
Taylor Mike (FG) 475
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 378
Lynch Noreen (IND) 81

19:32 – Killaloe MD (TALLY)

Cooney Joe (FG) 2653
Hayes Pat (FF) 1370
O’Brien Tony (FF) 1209
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1113
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 1017
Burke Pat (FG) 1028
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 680
Floyd Joe (IND) 518
Doyle Beckha (SD) 211
Naughton Sean (SF) 182

Talty Shane (FF) 1935
Garrihy Joe (FG) 1330
Slattery Bill (FG) 1279
Garvey Roisin (GP) 1258
Killeen Joe (FF) 1178
Moran Noeleen (SF) 578
O’Loghlen Martin (FF) 894

19:30 – Ennis MD (TALLY)

Howard Mary (FG) 1281
Murphy Paul (FG) 1249
Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1223
Flynn Johnny (FG) 1221
Nestor Mark (FF) 1197
Daly Pat (FF) 1055
Norton Ann (IND) 893
Hayes Dermot (IND) 754
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 703
Cullinan Frank (IND) 605
Ryan Seamus (LAB) 482
McGettigan Donna (SF) 271
Major Amanda (IND) 197
Kirwan Chris (SD) 164
Hakizimana André (IND) 60

19:30 – As we wait, a reminder of the final tallies across Co Clare.

19:27 – Clare’s votes for Ireland South have now left the building.

19:25 – The wait continues for the first count here at Treacys West County Hotel. People gathered from all corners of the county. Reminder, Ennis, Ennistymon and Killaloe the focus of this evening’s count. Kilrush and Shannon will be completed tomorrow.

19:13 – Bill Chambers emphasises the importance of the canvass to The Clare Echo, “I canvassed solid for six weeks”. The Cooraclare representative is happy with the tallies which indicate he’ll be returned to the local authority, was elected first in 1985.

19:08 – Ennis, Ennistymon and Killaloe counts will begin shortly. Kilrush and Shannon more than likely will have to wait until tomorrow.

19:05 – James Breen finding it very hard to call the final seat in the Ennis MD. Says Alfonso D’Auria got a great vote and will be in contention along with Ann Norton and Dermot Hayes. He feels the best chance for D’Auria and Hayes is for one of the sitting councillors to be returned early.

19:00 – “I’m reasonably happy” PJ Kelly tells The Clare Echo as he tops the polls in the Kilrush LEA based on #LE19 tallies.

18:58 – Former Senator Madeline Taylor Quinn notes the tallies are “very interesting reading”. In her own stomping ground of the Kilrush LEA, her Fine Gael party look set to return Gabriel Keating.

18:54 – From the tallies the overall party breakdown in Clare #LE19 –
Fianna Fáil (38%)
Fine Gael (31%)
Independents (19%)
Sinn Féin (5%)
Greens (4%)
Social Democrats (2%)
Labour (1%)

18:50 – Independent Frank Cullinan from Kilnamona has extended his congratulations to Mark Nestor (FF) on what appears will be his election in the Ennis MD.

18:42 – Plenty of cross-party chatting going on around Treacys West County Hotel. Here’s Timmy Dooley TD (FF) and Johnny Flynn (FG) ag caint, snapped by our photographer Martin Connolly.

Timmy Dooley & Johnny Flynn. Photograph: Martin Connolly

18:32 – “We’ll take this and run,” Mark Nestor on what appears to be a very successful campaign for him in the Ennis MD. The Fianna Fáil candidate (their youngest in Clare) insisted he is keeping his two feet on the ground.

18:23 – Fine Gael confident Garret McPhillips will be transfer friendly in the Shannon MD.

18:08 – Former Minister for Defence, Tony Killeen very impressed with Fianna Fáil’s “three young guns” as Shane Talty, Mark Nestor and Cillian Murphy all of whom are representing the party for the first time look set to be elected.

17:58 – Will the Woulfe get in the door of Clare County Council? Transfers to decide if Joseph Woulfe (IND) can win a seat in the Kilrush LEA.

Joseph Woulfe. Photograph: Martin Connolly

17:47 – Breakdown of seats for each area in Clare. Ennis MD (7 seats) Shannon MD (7 seats) Killaloe MD (5 seats) Kilrush LEA (5 seats) Ennistymon LEA (4 seats)

17:41 – Mike McKee has seen his vote increase in five years as per the tally (+257).

17:37 – According to the tally, Pat McMahon’s vote has dropped (-70) since 2014 local election. The Newmarket-on-Fergus councillor will be relying on Cathal Crowe’s transfers to up his final standing.

17:34 – Tally completed for Shannon MD.

Crowe Cathal (FF) 2515
Crowe John (FG) 1233
Ryan PJ (IND) 1210
Flynn Gerry (IND) 1037
Begley Michael (IND) 1032
McKee Mike (SF) 1030
McMahon Pat (FF) 954
McPhillips Garret (FG) 927
Long Eugene (FG) 603
Walsh Betty(SD) 461

17:31 – Shannon MD (35/36).

Begley Michael (IND) 1017
Crowe Cathal (FF) 2284
Crowe John (FG) 1214
Flynn Gerry (IND) 1034
Long Eugene (FG) 561
McKee Mike (SF) 1023
McMahon Pat (FF) 953
McPhillips Garret (FG) 927
Ryan PJ (IND) 1190
Walsh Betty(SD) 452

17:28 – Sitting Shannon Town councillors Mike McKee and Gerry Flynn are tied on 1019 with two boxes to be tallied.

17:26 – Increases for the sitting trio of John Crowe, Pat McMahon and PJ Ryan as we hit 34/36 in the Shannon MD.

Begley Michael (IND) 1015
Crowe Cathal (FF) 2262
Crowe John (FG) 1027
Flynn Gerry (IND) 1019
Long Eugene (FG) 561
McKee Mike (SF) 1019
McMahon Pat (FF) 944
McPhillips Garret (FG) 921
Ryan PJ (IND) 1113
Walsh Betty(SD) 450

17:22 – Michael Begley, Gerry Flynn and Mike McKee all pass the 1000 mark in the Shannon MD (32/36).

Begley Michael (IND) 1000
Crowe Cathal (FF) 2205
Crowe John (FG) 831
Flynn Gerry (IND) 1007
Long Eugene (FG) 557
McKee Mike (SF) 1003
McMahon Pat (FF) 725
McPhillips Garret (FG) 899
Ryan PJ (IND) 866
Walsh Betty(SD) 435

17:19 – Approaching the final few boxes to be tallied in the Shannon MD (31/36).

Begley Michael (IND) 995
Crowe Cathal (FF) 2191
Crowe John (FG) 804
Flynn Gerry (IND) 962
Long Eugene (FG) 556
McKee Mike (SF) 988
McMahon Pat (FF) 556
McPhillips Garret (FG) 876
Ryan PJ (IND) 859
Walsh Betty(SD) 432

17:15 – PJ Kelly is going to retain his title as the longest serving member of Clare County Council.

Kelly PJ (FF) 2107
Keating Gabriel (FG) 1450
Chambers Bill (FF) 1362
Murphy Cillian (FF) 1082
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 987
Lynch Ian (IND) 982
Taylor Mike (FG) 475
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 378
Lynch Noreen (IND) 81

17:14 – Kilrush LEA tally now complete.

Chambers Bill (FF) 1362
Keating Gabriel (FG) 1450
Kelly PJ (FF) 2107
Lynch Ian (IND) 982
Lynch Noreen (IND) 81
Murphy Cillian (FF) 1082
Taylor Mike (FG) 475
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 987
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 378

17:11 – Another box tallied in the Shannon MD (31/36)

Begley Michael (IND) 951
Crowe Cathal (FF) 2021
Crowe John (FG) 796
Flynn Gerry (IND) 961
Long Eugene (FG) 478
McKee Mike (SF) 980
McMahon Pat (FF) 552
McPhillips Garret (FG) 876
Ryan PJ (IND) 857
Walsh Betty(SD) 412

17:08 – Though the addition of Newmarket-on-Fergus votes will add to his base, Cllr Pat McMahon has the lowest tally of all sitting Shannon MD councillors so far

17:06 – Up to 29/36 in the Shannon MD.

Begley Michael (IND) 942
Crowe Cathal (FF) 2003
Crowe John (FG) 781
Flynn Gerry (IND) 898
Long Eugene (FG) 477
McKee Mike (SF) 884
McMahon Pat (FF) 545
McPhillips Garret (FG) 767
Ryan PJ (IND) 844
Walsh Betty(SD) 398

17:02 – Green Party candidate Barry O’Donovan has criticised Clare County Council for having mixed waste bins at the count centre. He tweeted his frustrations in the last few moments, “Seriously there’s a climate emergency”.

17:00 – As the clock strikes 5pm, the 27/36 tally for the Shannon MD has landed.

Begley Michael (IND) 928
Crowe Cathal (FF) 1833
Crowe John (FG) 764
Flynn Gerry (IND) 830
Long Eugene (FG) 433
McKee Mike (SF) 786
McMahon Pat (FF) 534
McPhillips Garret (FG) 689
Ryan PJ (IND) 812
Walsh Betty(SD) 369

16:59 – Still no sign of the final box in the Kilrush LEA.

16:51 – Cathal Crowe looking on course to retain his seat on the Council. Was first elected in 2004. Tallies from the 25/36 boxes so far.

Begley Michael (IND) 912
Crowe Cathal (FF) 1812
Crowe John (FG) 735
Flynn Gerry (IND) 750
Long Eugene (FG) 433
McKee Mike (SF) 717
McMahon Pat (FF) 429
McPhillips Garret (FG) 582
Ryan PJ (IND) 780
Walsh Betty(SD) 360

16:47 – Shannon MD tallies continuing to arrive (23/36)

Begley Michael (IND) 659
Crowe Cathal (FF) 1723
Crowe John (FG) 527
Flynn Gerry (IND) 725
Long Eugene (FG) 404
McKee Mike (SF) 695
McMahon Pat (FF) 421
McPhillips Garret (FG) 576
Ryan PJ (IND) 688
Walsh Betty(SD) 341

16:45 – Neck and neck between Ian Lynch and Joseph Woulfe. One more box before the tally for Kilrush LEA is finalised.

16:44 – One box left in Kilrush (43/44)

Chambers Bill (FF) 1362
Keating Gabriel (FG) 1340
Kelly PJ (FF) 2037
Lynch Ian (IND) 982
Lynch Noreen (IND) 81
Murphy Cillian (FF) 1070
Taylor Mike (FG) 475
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 987
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 378

16:41 – Tallies for 19/36 boxes in the Shannon MD.

Begley Michael (IND) 449
Crowe Cathal (FF) 1334
Crowe John (FG) 438
Flynn Gerry (IND) 695
Long Eugene (FG) 323
McKee Mike (SF) 605
McMahon Pat (FF) 405
McPhillips Garret (FG) 534
Ryan PJ (IND) 458
Walsh Betty(SD) 305

16:35 – Cathal Crowe leading the race in the Shannon MD (15/36)

Begley Michael (IND) 388
Crowe Cathal (FF) 1064
Crowe John (FG) 389
Flynn Gerry (IND) 503
Long Eugene (FG) 253
McKee Mike (SF) 419
McMahon Pat (FF) 153
McPhillips Garret (FG) 414
Ryan PJ (IND) 417
Walsh Betty(SD) 281

16:32 – Final few tallies coming in for Kilrush LEA and Joseph Woulfe overtakes Ian Lynch (42/44)

Chambers Bill (FF) 1296
Keating Gabriel (FG) 1327
Kelly PJ (FF) 2025
Lynch Ian (IND) 951
Lynch Noreen (IND) 78
Murphy Cillian (FF) 1062
Taylor Mike (FG) 462
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 985
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 369

16:26 – Garret McPhillips is starting well in the Shannon MD and matching fellow candidates in the town Gerry Flynn and Mike McKee. For 8/36 it stands as follows;

Begley Michael (IND) 69
Crowe Cathal (FF) 292
Crowe John (FG) 330
Flynn Gerry (IND) 314
Long Eugene (FG) 44
McKee Mike (SF) 316
McMahon Pat (FF) 132
McPhillips Garret (FG) 332
Ryan PJ (IND) 226
Walsh Betty(SD) 140

16:23 – In Shannon MD 6/36 boxes tallied.

Begley Michael (IND) 58
Crowe Cathal (FF) 276
Crowe John (FG) 320
Flynn Gerry (IND) 197
Long Eugene (FG) 43
McKee Mike (SF) 168
McMahon Pat (FF) 120
McPhillips Garret (FG) 216
Ryan PJ (IND) 200
Walsh Betty(SD) 132

16:21 – Nearly there in Kilrush LEA (40/44)

Chambers Bill (FF) 1250

Keating Gabriel (FG) 1307

Kelly PJ (FF) 1999

Lynch Ian (IND) 939

Lynch Noreen (IND) 77

Murphy Cillian (FF) 1010

Taylor Mike (FG) 449

Woulfe Joseph (IND) 598

Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 349

16:10 – First 2/36 Shannon MD boxes are open.

Begley Michael (IND) 10
Crowe Cathal (FF) 37
Crowe John (FG) 20
Flynn Gerry (IND) 39
Long Eugene (FG) 15
McKee Mike (SF) 64
McMahon Pat (FF) 22
McPhillips Garret (FG) 43
Ryan PJ (IND) 22
Walsh Betty(SD) 15

16:03 – Here’s the standing in order for the Killaloe MD as all tallies for the area have concluded.

Cooney Joe (FG) 2653

Hayes Pat (FF) 1370

O’Brien Tony (FF) 1209

O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1113

O’Halloran Ger (FG) 1017

Burke Pat (FG) 1028

O’Donovan Barry (GP) 680

Floyd Joe (IND) 518

Doyle Beckha (SD) 211

Naughton Sean (SF) 182

16:01 – Final few boxes a godsend for Pat Burke.

16:00 – ALL boxes have been tallied for the Killaloe MD.

Burke Pat (FG) 1028
Cooney Joe (FG) 2653
Doyle Beckha (SD) 211
Floyd Joe (IND) 518
Hayes Pat (FF) 1370
Naughton Sean (SF) 182
O’Brien Tony (FF) 1209
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1113
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 680
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 1017

15:57 – Kilrush LEA update (37/44).

Chambers Bill (FF) 1107
Keating Gabriel (FG) 1133
Kelly PJ (FF) 1947
Lynch Ian (IND) 902
Lynch Noreen (IND) 73
Murphy Cillian (FF) 727
Taylor Mike (FG) 358
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 550
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 330

15:47 – Final few boxes are in the north east of the Killaloe MD, Pat Burke expected to up his vote considerably here.

Burke Pat (FG) 645
Cooney Joe (FG) 2554
Doyle Beckha (SD) 192
Floyd Joe (IND) 514
Hayes Pat (FF) 1273
Naughton Sean (SF) 177
O’Brien Tony (FF) 1200
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1106
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 644
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 1012

15:45 – First count expected to be at 6pm.

15:42 – Cillian Murphy adds close to 200 votes in Kilrush LEA (36/44).

Chambers Bill (FF) 1093
Keating Gabriel (FG) 1085
Kelly PJ (FF) 1820
Lynch Ian (IND) 892
Lynch Noreen (IND) 73
Murphy Cillian (FF) 720
Taylor Mike (FG) 345
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 547
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 325

15:39 – Ger O’Halloran has passed 1000 as per Killaloe MD tallies (30/33)

Burke Pat (FG) 426
Cooney Joe (FG) 2532
Doyle Beckha (SD) 177
Floyd Joe (IND) 512
Hayes Pat (FF) 1233
Naughton Sean (SF) 171
O’Brien Tony (FF) 1189
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1102
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 589
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 1012

15:34 – No changes as we hit 34/44 in the Kilrush LEA.

Chambers Bill (FF) 1078
Keating Gabriel (FG) 1023
Kelly PJ (FF) 1812
Lynch Ian (IND) 881
Lynch Noreen (IND) 72
Murphy Cillian (FF) 539
Taylor Mike (FG) 268
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 455
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 308

15:30 – Kilrush LEA (33/44)

Chambers Bill (FF) 1072
Keating Gabriel (FG) 913
Kelly PJ (FF) 1812
Lynch Ian (IND) 879
Lynch Noreen (IND) 69
Murphy Cillian (FF) 531
Taylor Mike (FG) 258
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 451
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 302

15:26 – The first of 949 councillors elected is Independent councillor Thomas Welby. He was elected in the first count with 2,140 in the Conamara North local electoral area to Galway County Council

15:18 – Final few boxes to be tallied in Killaloe MD. With 29/33 done here’s how it looks.

Burke Pat (FG) 405
Cooney Joe (FG) 2530
Doyle Beckha (SD) 173
Floyd Joe (IND) 497
Hayes Pat (FF) 1224
Naughton Sean (SF) 166
O’Brien Tony (FF) 1184
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1064
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 572
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 680

15:14 – Cillian Murphy has gained a bit of an advantage on Joseph Woulfe in the Kilrush LEA (32/44)

Chambers Bill (FF) 1044
Keating Gabriel (FG) 892
Kelly PJ (FF) 1736
Lynch Ian (IND) 872
Lynch Noreen (IND) 68
Murphy Cillian (FF) 523
Taylor Mike (FG) 250
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 432
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 290

15:12 – Now 28/33 boxes tallied in the Killaloe MD.

Burke Pat (FG) 393

Cooney Joe (FG) 2422

Doyle Beckha (SD) 160

Floyd Joe (IND) 364

Hayes Pat (FF) 1176

Naughton Sean (SF) 158

O’Brien Tony (FF) 1181

O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1050

O’Donovan Barry (GP) 550

O’Halloran Ger (FG) 666

15:10 – Bill Chambers passes 1000 in the Kilrush LEA (31/44)

Chambers Bill (FF) 1001

Keating Gabriel (FG) 870

Kelly PJ (FF) 1708

Lynch Ian (IND) 783

Lynch Noreen (IND) 65

Murphy Cillian (FF) 499

Taylor Mike (FG) 243

Woulfe Joseph (IND) 430

Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 286

15:08 – Over to the west and we’ve 30 of the 44 boxes tallied in the Kilrush LEA.

Chambers Bill (FF) 958

Keating Gabriel (FG) 854

Kelly PJ (FF) 1697

Lynch Ian (IND) 766

Lynch Noreen (IND) 64

Murphy Cillian (FF) 486

Taylor Mike (FG) 241

Woulfe Joseph (IND) 428

Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 281

15:05 – Another box to add to our Killaloe MD figures (27/33)

Burke Pat (FG) 382
Cooney Joe (FG) 2379
Doyle Beckha (SD) 158
Floyd Joe (IND) 352
Hayes Pat (FF) 1120
Naughton Sean (SF) 155
O’Brien Tony (FF) 1179
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1031
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 537
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 662

14:58 – With 122/180 boxes tallied from Clare for Ireland South, these are the leaders.

Sean Kelly (FG) 7529
Billy Kelleher (FF) 5094
Grace O’Sullivan (GP) 3138
Liadh Ni Riada (SF) 2913
Mick Wallace (IND) 2829
Malcolm Byrne (FF) 2323
Deirdre Clune (FG) 1848
Sheila Nunan (LAB) 1172

14:55 – Nothing new to report on from Killaloe or Kilrush. While we wait we’ll give an update on how Clare has voted in Ireland South.

14:52 – Based on the tallies, all sitting Ennis councillors recorded an increase in their first preference. Johnny Flynn (+224), Pat Daly (+27), Ann Norton (+72), Paul Murphy (+445), Mary Howard (+561), Clare Colleran Molloy (+650). This coming largely from the retirements of both James Breen and Tom McNamara.

14:37 – Joe Cooney’s vote has always tended to be a candidate as opposed to a party vote. Fine Gael will be hoping for something new this time round as his transfers could potentially save sitting councillor Pat Burke.

14:35 -Based on the tallies looks like Fianna Fáil have managed the vote much better in Killaloe than their Fine Gael counterparts. All three FFs Tony O’Brien, Pat Hayes & Alan O’Callaghan have passed the 100 mark, Joe Cooney meanwhile of FG has powered to 2309 with Ger O’Halloran 633 and Pat Burke 375.

14:33 – Final few boxes to be tallied in the Killaloe MD, (26/33)

Burke Pat (FG) 375
Cooney Joe (FG) 2309
Doyle Beckha (SD) 154
Floyd Joe (IND) 274
Hayes Pat (FF) 1033
Naughton Sean (SF) 153
O’Brien Tony (FF) 1178
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 1016
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 519
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 633

14:30 – More boxes tallied in Kilrush LEA (28/44)

Chambers Bill (FF) 756
Keating Gabriel (FG) 824
Kelly PJ (FF) 1626
Lynch Ian (IND) 722
Lynch Noreen (IND) 52
Murphy Cillian (FF) 477
Taylor Mike (FG) 226
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 412
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 260

14:28 – Shannon MD boxes have not opened yet. As soon as we have word, we’ll shout!

14:25 – Joe Cooney has passed the 2,000 mark (the first candidate to do so), Pat Hayes also records a big increase. 25/33 boxes tallied.

Burke Pat (FG) 364

Cooney Joe (FG) 2062

Doyle Beckha (SD) 148

Floyd Joe (IND) 267

Hayes Pat (FF) 1001

Naughton Sean (SF) 147

O’Brien Tony (FF) 1096

O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 987

O’Donovan Barry (GP) 505

O’Halloran Ger (FG) 630

14:21 – Cillian Murphy and Joseph Woulfe battling it out for the final seat in Kilrush LEA by the looks of it.

Chambers Bill (FF) 668

Keating Gabriel (FG) 774

Kelly PJ (FF) 1578

Lynch Ian (IND) 676

Lynch Noreen (IND) 46

Murphy Cillian (FF) 404

Taylor Mike (FG) 199

Woulfe Joseph (IND) 401

Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 243

14:17 – Then Mayor of Clare Joe Arkins was the big casualty of the 2014 local election when running in Killaloe. It appears his colleague Pat Burke will suffer the same fate as per our tallies.

14:16 – 23/33 boxes tallied in Killaloe.

Burke Pat (FG) 293
Cooney Joe (FG) 1842
Doyle Beckha (SD) 120
Floyd Joe (IND) 157
Hayes Pat (FF) 878
Naughton Sean (SF) 138
O’Brien Tony (FF) 1064
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 982
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 431
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 625

14:06 – PJ Kelly has passed the 1000 mark according to the tallies, (21/44)

Chambers Bill (FF) 448
Keating Gabriel (FG) 626
Kelly PJ (FF) 1141
Lynch Ian (IND) 506
Lynch Noreen (IND) 41
Murphy Cillian (FF) 332
Taylor Mike (FG) 168
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 336
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 194

14:02 – Killaloe now moving to the south east part of the District with Cllr Alan O’Callaghan benefiting, (20/33)

Burke Pat (FG) 242
Cooney Joe (FG) 1558
Doyle Beckha (SD) 111
Floyd Joe (IND) 242
Hayes Pat (FF) 697
Naughton Sean (SF) 123
O’Brien Tony (FF) 989
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 824
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 339
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 604

13:58 – PJ Kelly is powering ahead in the Kilrush LEA (19/44)

Chambers Bill (FF) 407
Keating Gabriel (FG) 594
Kelly PJ (FF) 929
Lynch Ian (IND) 418
Lynch Noreen (IND) 37
Murphy Cillian (FF) 295
Taylor Mike (FG) 163
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 325
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 158

13:56 – In Killaloe 18/33 boxes tallied.

Burke Pat (FG) 212
Cooney Joe (FG) 1280
Doyle Beckha (SD) 105
Floyd Joe (IND) 231
Hayes Pat (FF) 667
Naughton Sean (SF) 115
O’Brien Tony (FF) 980
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 672
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 312
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 530

13:52 – Christy Curtin expects the final seat in Ennis to be a massive battle. Praises his brother in law PJ Kelly for reaching “almost two quotas” in the Kilrush LEA. The retiring Independent expects change in Killaloe and admits Ennistymon LEA’s outcome will be “fascinating”.

13:46 – Reports circulating around the count centre that a wedding ring was put in a ballot box in Killaloe. Someone might have been confused regarding the Divorce referendum. We’re also told the wedding ring has since been returned.

13:41 – A third of the Kilrush LEA votes have been tallied (15/44)

Chambers Bill (FF) 289
Keating Gabriel (FG) 506
Kelly PJ (FF) 761
Lynch Ian (IND) 323
Lynch Noreen (IND) 29
Murphy Cillian (FF) 247
Taylor Mike (FG) 122
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 313
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 123

13:34 – One more box tallied in Kilrush, (11/44)

Chambers Bill (FF) 209
Keating Gabriel (FG) 421
Kelly PJ (FF) 468
Lynch Ian (IND) 292
Lynch Noreen (IND) 18
Murphy Cillian (FF) 196
Taylor Mike (FG) 91
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 178
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 86

13:31 – In the last two local elections, Joe Cooney received more first preference votes than any other candidate. With 14 boxes tallied he has what appears to be 937 votes.

13:30 – Back to Killaloe MD (14/33)

Burke Pat (FG) 169
Cooney Joe (FG) 937
Doyle Beckha (SD) 77
Floyd Joe (IND) 204
Hayes Pat (FF) 508
Naughton Sean (SF) 80
O’Brien Tony (FF) 817
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 284
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 222
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 480

13:28 – Five seats to be filled in the Kilrush LEA.

13:25 – 10/44 boxes tallied in Kilrush LEA.

Chambers Bill (FF) 193
Keating Gabriel (FG) 413
Kelly PJ (FF) 460
Lynch Ian (IND) 173
Lynch Noreen (IND) 17
Murphy Cillian (FF) 177
Taylor Mike (FG) 83
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 176
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 79

13:16 – Gabriel Keating & Joseph Woulfe the big winners from last two boxes, 6/44 tallied.

Chambers Bill (FF) 101
Keating Gabriel (FG) 240
Kelly PJ (FF) 206
Lynch Ian (IND) 146
Lynch Noreen (IND) 12
Murphy Cillian (FF) 97
Taylor Mike (FG) 60
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 147
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 62

13:14 – First few boxes (4/44) done in Kilrush LEA.

Chambers Bill (FF) 54
Keating Gabriel (FG) 157
Kelly PJ (FF) 195
Lynch Ian (IND) 134
Lynch Noreen (IND) 11
Murphy Cillian (FF) 61
Taylor Mike (FG) 47
Woulfe Joseph (IND) 16
Wynne Violet-Anne (SF) 51

13:06 – Back to Killaloe MD where Joe Cooney is well ahead, (12/33)

Burke Pat (FG) 127
Cooney Joe (FG) 855
Doyle Beckha (SD) 65
Floyd Joe (IND) 200
Hayes Pat (FF) 498
Naughton Sean (SF) 62
O’Brien Tony (FF) 486
O’Callaghan Alan (FF) 277
O’Donovan Barry (GP) 191
O’Halloran Ger (FG) 473

Marie O’Keefe & Margaret O’Rourke organise the votes. Photograph: Martin Connolly

12:55 – According to the tallies, Ennis will return all sitting Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil councillors, Ann Norton’s seat based on first preferences in the tally is up for grabs.

Howard Mary (FG) 1281
Murphy Paul (FG) 1249
Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1223
Flynn Johnny (FG) 1221
Nestor Mark (FF) 1197
Daly Pat (FF) 1055
Norton Ann (IND) 893
Hayes Dermot (IND) 754
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 703
Cullinan Frank (IND) 605
Ryan Seamus (LAB) 482
McGettigan Donna (SF) 271
Major Amanda (IND) 197
Kirwan Chris (SD) 164
Hakizimana André (IND) 60

12:52 – Ennis MD tally complete.

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1223
Cullinan Frank (IND) 605
Daly Pat (FF) 1055
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 703
Flynn Johnny (FG) 1221
Hakizimana André (IND) 60
Hayes Dermot (IND) 754
Howard Mary (FG) 1281
Kirwan Chris (SD) 164
Major Amanda (IND) 197
McGettigan Donna (SF) 271
Murphy Paul (FG) 1249
Nestor Mark (FF) 1197
Norton Ann (IND) 893
Ryan Seamus (LAB) 482

12:47 – Positive starts for Ger O’Halloran, Joe Cooney and Tony O’Brien in Killaloe MD, 5/33 tallied.

Burke Pat 55
Cooney Joe 337
Doyle Beckha 22
Floyd Joe 29
Hayes Pat 80
Naughton Sean 12
O’Brien Tony 294
O’Callaghan Alan 57
O’Donovan Barry 68
O’Halloran Ger 275

12:43 – Killaloe MD tallies have started, Tony O’Brien in front followed by Joe Cooney, Pat Hayes & Pat Burke.

12:42 – Two more boxes left in Ennis MD, here’s how it looks.

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1173
Cullinan Frank (IND) 590
Daly Pat (FF) 1007
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 657
Flynn Johnny (FG) 1177
Hakizimana André (IND) 59
Hayes Dermot (IND) 690
Howard Mary (FG) 1173
Kirwan Chris (SD) 148
Major Amanda (IND) 173
McGettigan Donna (SF) 263
Murphy Paul (FG) 1232
Nestor Mark (FF) 1142
Norton Ann (IND) 866
Ryan Seamus (LAB) 456

12:36 – Now 37/41 boxes tallied in Ennis MD.

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1137
Cullinan Frank (IND) 581
Daly Pat (FF) 943
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 627
Flynn Johnny (FG) 1091
Hakizimana André (IND) 58
Hayes Dermot (IND) 642
Howard Mary (FG) 1119
Kirwan Chris (SD) 141
Major Amanda (IND) 160
McGettigan Donna (SF) 256
Murphy Paul (FG) 1208
Nestor Mark (FF) 1107
Norton Ann (IND) 826
Ryan Seamus (LAB) 432

12:32 – Big increase from Mark Nestor as the tallies for Ennis MD continue.

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1101
Cullinan Frank (IND) 566
Daly Pat (FF) 895
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 592
Flynn Johnny (FG) 1003
Hakizimana André (IND) 57
Hayes Dermot (IND) 587
Howard Mary (FG) 1062
Kirwan Chris (SD) 132
Major Amanda (IND) 150
McGettigan Donna (SF) 241
Murphy Paul (FG) 1189
Nestor Mark (FF) 1037
Norton Ann (IND) 795
Ryan Seamus (LAB) 409

12:28 – Update from Ennis MD (33/41)

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1043
Cullinan Frank (IND) 549
Daly Pat (FF) 845
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 562
Flynn Johnny (FG) 960
Hakizimana André (IND) 57
Hayes Dermot (IND) 563
Howard Mary (FG) 1015
Kirwan Chris (SD) 102
Major Amanda (IND) 135
McGettigan Donna (SF) 227
Murphy Paul (FG) 1176
Nestor Mark (FF) 989
Norton Ann (IND) 754
Ryan Seamus (LAB) 379

12:25 – Based on the tally, Sinn Féin general election candidate Noeleen Moran will be first eliminated. Her Ballyvaughan share of votes will help Martin O’Loghlen. That plus transfers from Shane Talty will also be a lift for Timmy Dooley’s parliamentary assistant.

12:22 – Tally completed for Ennistymon LEA.

Talty Shane (FF) 1935
Garrihy Joe (FG) 1330
Slattery Bill (FG) 1279
Garvey Roisin (GP) 1258
Killeen Joe (FF) 1178
O’Loghlen Martin (FF) 894
Moran Noeleen (SF) 578

12:19 – One more box done in Ennistymon LEA (28/30)

Garrihy Joe (FG) 1176
Garvey Roisin (GP) 1181
Killeen Joe (FF) 1112
Moran Noeleen (SF) 540
O’Loghlen Martin (FF) 811
Slattery Bill (FG) 1173
Talty Shane (FF) 1775

12:17 – Up to 27/30 boxes tallied in Ennistymon LEA.

Garrihy Joe (FG) 1073
Garvey Roisin (GP) 1168
Killeen Joe (FF) 1108
Moran Noeleen (SF) 524
O’Loghlen Martin (FF) 787
Slattery Bill (FG) 1152
Talty Shane (FF) 1766

12:10 – Almost there with Ennistymon LEA tallies (22/30 boxes tallied).

Garrihy Joe (FG) 701
Garvey Roisin (GP) 932
Killeen Joe (FF) 1074
Moran Noeleen (SF) 438
O’Loghlen Martin (FF) 666
Slattery Bill (FG) 831
Talty Shane (FF) 1222

Annette Conway & Trish O’Neill counting the votes at the West County. Photograph: Martin Connolly

12:01 – Four more boxes tallied in Ennistymon LEA. Joe Garrihy, Joe Killeen & Martin O’Loghlen seeing the biggest gains (20/30).

Garrihy Joe (FG) 634
Garvey Roisin (GP) 893
Killeen Joe (FF) 1033
Moran Noeleen (SF) 400
O’Loghlen Martin (FF) 608
Slattery Bill (FG) 807
Talty Shane (FF) 1209

11:53 – In Ennis MD, 32/41 boxes tallied.

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 1020

Cullinan Frank (IND) 542

Daly Pat (FF) 821

D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 542

Flynn Johnny (FG) 900

Hakizimana André (IND) 55

Hayes Dermot (IND) 549

Howard Mary (FG) 994

Kirwan Chris (SD) 102

Major Amanda (IND) 134

McGettigan Donna (SF) 225

Murphy Paul (FG) 1166

Nestor Mark (FF) 949

Norton Ann (IND) 726

Ryan Seamus (LAB) 362

11:50 – Postal votes will see Beckha Doyle (SD) in Killaloe, PJ Kelly (FF) in Kilrush and Cathal Crowe (FF) in Shannon get the most, The Clare Echo understands.

11:46 – Over 75% of tallies for Ennis MD done, (30/41 boxes)

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 960
Cullinan Frank (IND) 501
Daly Pat (FF) 761
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 501
Flynn Johnny (FG) 844
Hakizimana André (IND) 54
Hayes Dermot (IND) 513
Howard Mary (FG) 898
Kirwan Chris (SD) 96
Major Amanda (IND) 121
McGettigan Donna (SF) 215
Murphy Paul (FG) 1148
Nestor Mark (FF) 850
Norton Ann (IND) 689
Ryan Seamus (LAB) 339

11:43 – A number of candidates around the count centre including; Ian Lynch, Noeleen Moran, Amanda Major, Sean Naughton, Donna McGettigan, Bill Chambers, Pat Hayes, Gerry Flynn. We presume the rest are following our live blog!!!

11:36 – Green Party leader Eamon Ryan speaking to Richard Chambers in Dublin, “The status quo is over. We need to change. This was not a symbolic vote.” Roisin Garvey (Ennistymon) & Barry O’Donovan (Killaloe) will be hoping that change reaches Clare.

11:35 – So far in Ennis MD, 21/41 boxes tallied.

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 790
Cullinan Frank (IND) 457
Daly Pat (FF) 617
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 396
Flynn Johnny (FG) 699
Hakizimana André (IND) 45
Hayes Dermot (IND) 409
Howard Mary (FG) 748
Kirwan Chris (SD) 69
Major Amanda (IND) 108
McGettigan Donna (SF) 180
Murphy Paul (FG) 963
Nestor Mark (FF) 675
Norton Ann (IND) 587
Ryan Seamus (LAB) 272

11:32 – Paul Murphy, Clare Colleran Molloy and Mary Howard is how the top three looks in Ennis MD (25/41 boxes).

11:29 – Turnout said to be 55% in Co Clare. Figure yet to be confirmed.

11:24 – Over the halfway mark in Ennis MD. Paul Murphy in front followed by Clare Colleran Molloy.

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 650
Cullinan Frank (IND) 401
Daly Pat (FF) 528
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 318
Flynn Johnny (FG) 548
Hakizimana André (IND) 36
Hayes Dermot (IND) 329
Howard Mary (FG) 608
Kirwan Chris (SD) 55
Major Amanda (IND) 84
McGettigan Donna (SF) 156
Murphy Paul (FG) 938
Nestor Mark (FF) 539
Norton Ann (IND) 419
Ryan Seamus (LAB) 199

11:12 – With over half the boxes tallied in Ennistymon LEA, Shane Talty has passed the 1,000 mark.

Garrihy Joe (FG) 377
Garvey Roisin (GP) 732
Killeen Joe (FF) 809
Moran Noeleen (SF) 292
O’Loghlen Martin (FF) 394
Slattery Bill (FG) 622
Talty Shane (FF) 1028

11:09 – Cooraclare councillor Bill Chambers in conversation with The Clare Echo agrees that it’s very early days but warns “They can set a trend too”.

11:04 – “What a change” notes Dermot Hayes of the Ennistymon tallies so far. He is running as an Independent in the Ennis MD.

11:00 – 17/41 boxes in Ennis MD, Clare Colleran Molloy and Paul Murphy the big winners from Clarecastle boxes it appears.

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 532
Cullinan Frank (IND) 347
Daly Pat (FF) 421
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 253
Flynn Johnny (FG) 392
Hakizimana André (IND) 31
Hayes Dermot (IND) 270
Howard Mary (FG) 446
Kirwan Chris (SD) 42
Major Amanda (IND) 65
McGettigan Donna (SF) 126
Murphy Paul (FG) 729
Nestor Mark (FF) 429
Norton Ann (IND) 303
Ryan Seamus (LAB) 164

10:53 – Ennistymon LEA has 14/30 boxes tallied. Shane Talty (FF) and Roisin Garvey (GP) will be the happiest so far.

Garrihy Joe (FG) 297
Garvey Roisin (GP) 629
Killeen Joe (FF) 677
Moran Noeleen (SF) 235
O’Loghlen Martin (FF) 342
Slattery Bill (FG) 480
Talty Shane (FF) 843

10:51 – Clarecastle box has sent Paul Murphy sky rocketing to the top of Ennis MD. 15/41 boxes tallied there.

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 467
Cullinan Frank (IND) 326
Daly Pat (FF) 370
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 234
Flynn Johnny (FG) 358
Hakizimana André (IND) 28
Hayes Dermot (IND) 245
Howard Mary (FG) 394
Kirwan Chris (SD) 40
Major Amanda (IND) 54
McGettigan Donna (SF) 97
Murphy Paul (FG) 571
Nestor Mark (FF) 379
Norton Ann (IND) 281
Ryan Seamus (LAB) 147

10:45 – North Clare not yet included in the tallies. Areas where Sinn Féin’s Noeleen Moran & Martin O’Loghlen (FF) will expect to see increases.

10:44 – Almost half of the Ennistymon LEA boxes tallied.

Garrihy Joe (FG) 256
Garvey Roisin (GP) 597
Killeen Joe (FF) 666
Moran Noeleen (SF) 209
O’Loghlen Martin (FF) 312
Slattery Bill (FG) 434
Talty Shane (FF) 753

10:42 – Ennis MD, Clare Colleran Molloy & Mary Howard in front following as 12/41 boxes tallied.

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 379
Cullinan Frank (IND) 295
Daly Pat (FF) 306
D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 199
Flynn Johnny (FG) 331
Hakizimana André (IND) 26
Hayes Dermot (IND) 194
Howard Mary (FG) 339
Kirwan Chris (SD) 34
Major Amanda (IND) 50
McGettigan Donna (SF) 75
Murphy Paul (FG) 215
Nestor Mark (FF) 317
Norton Ann (IND) 238
Ryan Seamus (LAB) 124

10:33 – One third of the boxes tallied in Ennistymon LEA. Fianna Fáil’s Shane Talty well out in front.

Garrihy Joe (FG) 149
Garvey Roisin (GP) 490
Killeen Joe (FF) 597
Moran Noeleen (SF) 148
O’Loghlen Martin (FF) 180
Slattery Bill (FG) 355
Talty Shane (FF) 599

10:28 – Ten of forty one tallied in Ennis MD.

Colleran Molloy Clare (FF) 291

Cullinan Frank (IND) 283

Daly Pat (FF) 271

D’Auria Alfonso (IND) 150

Flynn Johnny (FG) 244

Hakizimana André (IND) 22

Hayes Dermot (IND) 158

Howard Mary (FG) 266

Kirwan Chris (SD) 31

Major Amanda (IND) 44

McGettigan Donna (SF) 54

Murphy Paul (FG) 167

Nestor Mark (FF) 244

Norton Ann (IND) 179

Ryan Seamus (LAB) 112

10:21 – Nine boxes tallied in Ennis. Frank Cullinan has powered ahead, followed by Clare Colleran Molloy and Pat Daly.

10:12 – Ennistymon LEA boxes 6 of 30 tallied

Garrihy Joe 57

Garvey Roisin 210

Killeen Joe 159

Moran Noeleen 92

O’Loghlen 99

Slattery Bill 144

Talty Shane 363

10:10 – Six of the forty one boxes tallied in Ennis MD.

Colleran Molloy Clare 151
Cullinan Frank 131
Daly Pat 187
D’Auria Alfonso 82
Flynn Johnny 90
Hakizimana André 22
Hayes Dermot 92
Howard Mary 150
Kirwan Chris 22
Major Amanda 19
McGettigan Donna 33
Murphy Paul 112
Nestor Mark 150
Norton Ann 97
Ryan Seamus 52

10:04 – Four of the 30 Ennistymon LEA boxes tallied.
Garrihy Joe 39

Garvey Roisin 125

Killeen Joe 102

Moran Noeleen 60

O’Loghlen 74

Slattery Bill 99

Talty Shane 259

09:58 – Now four of the forty one boxes tallied in Ennis MD.
Colleran Molloy Clare 90
Cullinan Frank 72
Daly Pat 112
D’Auria Alfonso 44
Flynn Johnny 60
Hakizimana André 1
Hayes Dermot 70
Howard Mary 119
Kirwan Chris 14
Major Amanda 12
McGettigan Donna 16
Murphy Paul 51
Nestor Mark 91
Norton Ann 79
Ryan Seamus 37

09: 50 – Two of thirty boxes tallied in Ennistymon and it’s looking extremely good for Shane Talty.

Garrihy Joe 18
Garvey Roisin 53
Killeen Joe 48
Moran Noeleen 27
O’Loghlen 38
Slattery Bill 61
Talty Shane 118

09:45 – Two of forty one boxes in Ennis completed so far. The breakdown –

Daly Pat 64
Howard Mary 48
Cullinan Frank 47
Colleran Molloy Clare 35
Murphy Paul 31
Flynn Johnny 29
Nestor Mark 22
Norton Ann 21
D’Auria Alfonso 18
Hayes Dermot 16

Kirwan Chris 8
McGettigan Donna 8
Ryan Seamus 7
Major Amanda 2

Hakizimana André 1

09:27 – Tallies in full swing. As previously stated Ennis and Ennistymon to be completed before moving onto Killaloe MD votes.

09:23 – Votes from one Lahinch box seeing a lot of number one votes for Cllr Bill Slattery and Shane Talty. Joe Garrihy receiving a share of votes too.

09:17 – Fianna Fáil members of the view that Cillian Murphy will win a seat in the Kilrush LEA.

09:12 – Mayor Ennis, Cllr Clare Colleran Molloy has been and gone. She’ll be returning to the count centre along with hundreds others later today.

09:09 – Outgoing Cllr Gerry Flynn is soaking up the atmosphere early on.

09:05 – James Breen is the first of the sitting 28 councillors to arrive at the count centre. The Kilnamona man is not seeking re-election to the Council, he was first elected in 1985.

09:00 – Boxes have opened and the tallying has commenced. Focus will be on Ennistymon and Ennis first

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If you’re here, you care about County Clare. So do we. Did you rely on us for Covid-19 updates, follow our election coverage, or visit The Clare Echo every week for breaking news and sport? The Clare Echo invests in local journalism and we want to safeguard its future in our county. By becoming a subscriber you are supporting what we do, will receive access to all our premium articles and a better experience, while helping us improve our offering to you. Subscribe to clareecho.ie and get the first six months for just €3 a month (less than 75c per week), and thereafter €8 per month. Cancel anytime, limited time offer. T&Cs Apply. www.clareecho.ie.

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