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One of the world’s most famous and popular pieces Vivaldi’s Four Seasons gets an amazing re-shaping by renowned Slovakian Violinist Vladimir Jablokov next Friday in glór.

Performed as part of his Four Seasons Explained tour, with this unique arrangement, there will be a visual translation of the 300-year-old sonnets that inspired the pieces.

Vladimir’s father performed Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons regularly and some of his performances and recordings go back to 1985 – the year Vladimir was born. “I remember one concert in Bratislava when I was about 10 years old. Dad was not only playing the full Four Seasons with his chamber orchestra, but he was also reading the sonnets published in the original Vivaldi’s score 300 years ago.’

In August 2021, Vladimir’s Dad sadly passed away. Vladimir now wants to continue his father’s legacy and explain the sonnets to a wider audience. His hand-picked violin, cello and piano ensemble will begin with a unique arrangement of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. The latter half of the concert will also feature some of the most popular pieces in Vladimir’s repertoire, including Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 5, Blue Danube, Strauss’ Radetzky March, Theme from Schindler’s List, If I Were a Rich Man and more audience favourites.

From busking on Grafton Street to headlining at the National Concert Hall to touring the UK with his brother as Special Guests to Soprano Katherine Jenkins, to playing support to Il Divo at 3 Arena, Vladimir has been thrilling audiences since he first moved to Ireland 16 years ago.

When the Pandemic hit in 2020 Vladimir found a revolutionary way to bring his unique series of concerts directly to people’s homes in private interactive online performances via Zoom. In the first 45 days from his online theatre, he performed over 50 private concerts to people as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, USA and Europe. Suddenly he was connecting families and friends from all over the world.

To date he has released 9 albums and his annual Viennese Christmas concerts saw him perform nationwide to over 100,000 people including 12 sold-out shows at the National Concert Hall alone.

In 2013 he began collaborating with his brother Anton (now called ‘The Violin Brothers’) on a regular basis. This led to touring the UK with his brother as Special Guests to Soprano Katherine Jenkins and playing support to Il Divo at 3 Arena.

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