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Two roads in Kilrush, one of which is to be used as a car park are to be taken under the control of Clare County Council.

Following a plea from Cllr Ian Lynch (IND), Barrack Rd and Place de Plouzane both of which are located in Kilrush will be taken in charge by Clare County Council. The second of which will also include the entrance from the car park to High St with footpaths and area under the arch way also referenced.

As per the Roads Taking in Charge Policy of the local authority, the process will commence with the intention to be placed on public display, meetings administrator John Corry outlined. “A report will subsequently be prepared on the proposals and will come back before the West Clare MD for consideration,” he stated.

Prior to his election to Clare County Council in 2014, Cllr Lynch was a representative of Kilrush Town Council. He recalled, “Kilrush was its own planning authority up until the Town Council was disbanded. We had no formal taking in charge process, once a development finished it was taken in”.

Lynch added, “We can’t apply to the new rules to the old Town Council” and flagged that the roads were “ready to go” with one of them to be used as a car park. Cllr Gabriel Keating (FG) seconded the motion.

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