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A DOLPHIN had a lucky escape when he was trying to check in at Trump International in Doonbeg last week.

Housekeeping staff member Rebecca Glenny was walking along Doughmore beach when she saw the dolphin stranded in the surf.

She waded into the water and tried to help the dolphin swim back out to sea, but she couldn’t move it as it was too big.

A hotel guest and his caddie John Wright spotted Rebecca with the dolphin and rushed down to the beach to assist in the rescue.

After two failed attempts to save the dolphin, the trio eventually managed to dislodge it from the shallow surf after wading out to shoulder depth.

There was much praise on the Trump International Facebook page post, with nearly 300 likes and countless comments.

One woman commented that she too rescued a dolphin calf from the same location recently.

“Thanks to all involved its nice to know the Doonbeg hug extends to all creatures,” the Facebook post reads.

Fair play to them!

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