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RTE Archives: Disco dancing cows of Ennis

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Disco Dancing Cows: RTE

AH 1986, it was a simpler time. Some major landmarks in Irish history took place that year including the death of Phil Lynott, the rejection of the divorce referendum and the official opening of Knock Airport But more importantly than all of that, on this day in 1986, the disco dancing cows of Ennis were…

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Archive footage shows off Shannon community spirit

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Shannon 1968 RTE

IT’S hard to believe that Shannon had a population of just 2000 people in the late sixties, given that it’s now hit the 10,000 mark. Footage released by the RTE archives today shows how the people of Shannon were building their community with enthusiasm in 1968. The film shows Shannoners getting stuck in together to…

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Fascinating footage of Dromoland Castle will leave you with goosebumps

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Dromoland Castle

THE lovely folks over at the RTE Archives have dug up this clip of Dromoland Castle in the 1960s and although truly fascinating, it is majorly creepy. Scenes from early Dracula movies spring to mind as reporter Desmond Moore takes a tour of the castle and its grounds. Grainy black and white shaky camera shots…

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