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Waste Management Bye-laws

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In December 2018, the Waste Management bye-laws were adopted by Clare Co. Council to ensure that all homes and businesses located in Co. Clare take appropriate measures to ensure that waste is stored, managed, presented and collected in a manner so that risk to the environment is minimised. This includes measures to ensure nuisance issues,…

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2 For Joy, an enjoyable shopping trip

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*Photos by John Mangan “I Have Nothing to wear!” – where have you heard that before? The spontaneous pleasure and anticipation of a special social event can often be dampened by anxiety when deciding what to wear. Of course not everyone experiences this dilemma but many people do. Before you make haste in search of…

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Charlie McEnery celebrates 10 years in business

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*Photos by John Mangan Charlie McEnery is known in one circle as a rally co-driver however locally, it’s his ability to navigate his way to success in business that has made him a household name. There’s no doubt about it, Charlie has been at the wheel in driving on Charlie McEnery Motor Services Ltd over…

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Kelly Gough is Clare’s next leading light

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Kelly Gough

ENNIS native Kelly Gough caused a social media storm recently when she played struggling mum Doreen Lunt in BBC series Call the Midwife. Kelly, the 10th of 12 children, graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2007 and dived head first into her acting career. The Clare Echo’s Karen Hillery caught up with Kelly to see what…

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