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Creating a circular economy: company combats consumer waste by repair

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by Cian O’Broin is Ireland’s leading online repair directory which looks to combat consumer waste in Ireland. The directory prides itself on its contribution to the circular economy, looking to bypass an avaricious and unsustainable consumerist society through a model of repair and reuse. The focal point of a circular economy is to eliminate waste. By setting up Repair My Stuff, the Monaghan County Council and Local Authorities are looking to encourage the repair Industry in Ireland. Statistically, each person in Ireland produces 586kgs of waste per annum, placing Ireland at sixth worse for municipal waste generated per capita in Europe. Repairing a household item decreases the over-consumption of valuable natural resources and can also have substantial economic benefits to the homeowner. Repair My Stuff is an online platform that easily connects the user with a repair business tailored to their specific needs. In the beginning, Repair My Stuff was established by ten Environmental Awareness Officers from different local authorities, led by Monaghan County Council. The idea was to develop a database of Repair Providers. Funding for the idea came from the EPA’S Local Authority Waste Prevention Network, comprising of a collaborative group of local authority personnel working in waste prevention. Drawing on a stronghold of environmental expertise, a database was provided with over 700 repair business from numerous categories, all for the service of the local community. This database was then imported into a website developed by F.C.D.M, based in Athlone. In 2019, the Repair My Stuff website was amassing upwards of 3,000 eager consumers per month, looking to get in touch with a respective repair professional. This success led the website to the accolades of best joint local authority initiative at December 2018, Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards as well as the Local Authority Members Association (LAMA) awards in February 2019, where the website achieved silverware in the Best Waste Management Category. The website has communal benefits in that it supports local businesses that may not have a sturdy marketing budget, allowing for a professional to register their business for free. By linking consumers with local professionals, Repair My Stuff supports the local circular economy in each village, town and city. The criteria for registering your business is straightforward, with no special requirements needed, you must simply, own or operate within a repair business. There are a plethora of repair services and industries for consumers and enthusiastic business owners to select from. Ranging from clothing, furniture and upholstery to musical instruments, clothing and all kinds of electronics, Repair My Stuff covers every little corner of the market save for motor-related repairs.

To reduce waste production and contribute to Irelands ever-growing circular economy, contact a local repair professional at

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