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Emergency optical service is being provided by Specsavers Ennis during the current pandemic.

In recent weeks the store has come to the rescue of many people in the community, including frontline hospital workers who needed help so they could continue their vital roles and a soldier who was about to be deployed on a tour of duty.

“Frontline workers in particular, including medical workers, retailers, transport and service industries, they all rely on their eyesight in order to carry out the brave and necessary work on a daily basis,” store director and optometrist, John O’Farrell explained.

While the store has currently suspended routine testing, it is still providing emergency care and home deliveries across the community.

Optometrist John has tended to a number of emergency cases supporting frontline workers, including the dispensing of glasses to two nurses and repairing frames for a paramedic whose frames were broken by a patient. He also provided contact lenses for a nurse and helped a COVID-19 tester by providing an urgent new pair of glasses.

Working to help the healthcare workers gives the Specsavers Ennis team great pride but they are also thankful to be in a position to offer an emergency service to the wider community where people would struggle day to day without their glasses.

“We know that people take their sight for granted but we also take our glasses for granted. It’s only when you can’t have easy access to a service that we realise how much we rely on it. This week we were in a position to provide computer glasses for a doctor’s secretary and reading specs for a pharmacy worker,” says John.

Customers can contact their local Specsavers store by phone Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 10am and 2pm. The store is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays until further notice, but there is an answering machine service, so messages will be addressed on the next working day.

John says the home delivery service is another vital lifeline for the community and the team were following the latest guidelines and hygiene standards.

“While our doors may be closed to the public, we will continue dispensing frames, where there is a current prescription, via home delivery and post to those in need of glasses or contact lenses. We will also provide optical and audiology online and telephone advice for anyone who needs it in the communities we serve.”

Frontline workers who may need Specsavers’ help will be prioritised where possible.

If anyone has any concerns about their eyesight or hearing, they can call their local store and one of Specsavers professional experts will endeavour to provide the advice and support needed. A wealth of information and expert advice can also be found at

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