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*Traffic on the Tulla Rd in Roslevan. Photograph: Gary Collins

ANXIETY is growing among Roslevan residents over a potential imbalance in the provision of the type of housing in the area.

Of the 361 social housing units to be constructed in the county between the second quarter of this year and the end of 2023, 198 (55%) are in the Ennis Municipal District.

76 of the units will be in Roslevan alone. Speaking at Monday’s meeting of Clare County Council, Cllr Johnny Flynn (FG) remarked, “this is a very large number of housing in the one estate”.

Planning for 23 to 24 houses adjoining the Cooperative Housing Ireland led development was noted by Cllr Flynn. “There is a huge lack of opportunity for people to buy in the private rented or affordable sector, if Clare County Council has any say on the additional houses to go into social or private sector, I would advise that the residents are anxious that they be appropriately mixed”.

He added, “the market was completely flawed in that it was only providing rented housing up until a year and a half ago, now it is only providing social housing”.

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