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A Direct Provision resident in Ennis has had his research published by a Missouri university.

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Innocent Iroaganachi has been living in Co Clare since last August, first at The Central Hostel in Miltown Malbay and more recently at Clare Lodge in Ennis.

Before moving to Ireland, Innocent completed a Bachelor degree and subsequent Masters in Communication Studies. He was a doctoral student and part-time lecturer at the Catholic Institute of West Africa.

In the April 2020 edition of the Peace Journalist which is a semi-annual publication at the Center for Global Peace Journalist at Park University in Missouri. The magazine is dedicated to disseminating news and information for and about teachers, students, and practitioners of peace and conflict sensitive journalism.

Three pieces of writing by Innocent have appeared in the Peace Journalist, the first in April 2018, the second in April last year and the most recent in this month’s edition.

His articles have been based on Nigerian media causing tension, the concern of social media and violence in the country and his latest contribution focused on media in his native country stoking religious animosity.

Iroganachi wrote, “The media is not called the fourth estate of the realm, after the executive legislature and judiciary because they make a conscious effort to overheat an already tense situation. Rather, in addition to exposing ills taking place in society, they (media) consolidate and sustain efforts that are made to avoid a repeat of ills hindering integral coexistence in the society. With regard to drawing from PJ practice, the Nigerian media in their reporting of conflicts need to focus on making a conscious effort to let Nigerians know what binds them together rather than what divides them”.

A regular contributor to The Clare Echo, Innocent’s next article will be appearing online this weekend.

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