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Finally we have some peace of mind in terms of restrictions and I think everyone has a sense of excitement.

As we know now, restrictions began easing from the 4th of May where construction and outdoor workers can restart. On the 10th of May we can travel to different counties and personal services can reopen such as hairdressers and beauticians which a lot of people will be very happy to hear.

Personally I am so excited to get my hair done and feel like I have treated myself. We forget how important personally services actually are to us and the difference it can make on our mental health. As a beautician myself, I am so excited to meet my clients again and make a positive impact on them in their day. My favourite part about my job is bringing positivity to someone in their day by making themselves feel so much better after their treatments. I’m looking forward to getting my nails done and feeling good about myself afterwards. These small things make such a positive impact on people and makes us very hopeful.

On the 10th of May galleries, museums, and libraries can reopen which gives us the option to browse through books and physically look at history. Click and collect services will resume in the retail sector which gives you the option to order products from local shops and salons that you haven’t been able to get your hands on. We also get to see our loved ones if they are fully vaccinated. This is so positive for so many families.

One the 17th of May all remaining retail stores can reopen which means all our favourite clothing shops will be open where we get to see clothes in person rather than shopping online. I think queuing for Penneys may be the highlight of my year when the 17th comes and I don’t think I’m the only one. This gives us the opportunity to support local shops and treat ourselves at the same time.

On the 2nd of June we finally get to book a staycation or night away. Hotels and B&Bs will resume restricting to only overnight guests. This can give us the option to actually have a change of scenery and see new places again. This is something a lot of people like myself, are looking forward to.

On the 7th of June we have the freedom to visit another household which will make such a positive impact when it comes to mental health I think. Being able to visit your friends and family is so rewarding and crucial at this current time. Restaurants and bars can reopen outdoors which is perfect timing for summer.

These are only some of the restrictions I have listed. We have a very positive few weeks ahead of us and we as Clare people have made a difference on making this happen.

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