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Now that summer is upon us, it’s nice to smell according to season, writes beauty columnist Rebecca O’Neill. As women, we all have our staple perfumes that we simply can’t live without.

Branching out to other scents is another great way to keep giving your perfume collection some variety. I have researched the top 5 best summer perfumes that I personally have tried and love. This is to help you find the best quality scents this summer. These products are all available in your local pharmacy.

Clarins Des Jardins
This scent is my personal favourite because it is so fresh and elegant. It is such a crisp fragrance with essential oils that also help hydrate and tone your skin. This is one of my staple perfumes in my collection and I don’t think I will ever get sick of it. This 100ml perfume is so affordable only ranging from €35 to €40. This product is a dupe for a lot of the leading designer scents which showcases how reasonable this product is price wise. This products shows the elegance of the Clarins brand and is such a treat to have.

DKNY Be Delicious
This is a gorgeous fruity scent that is the first to be extracted from apples delectable juice. If you love that fruity and sweet scent, then this perfume is perfect for you. The packaging is a round bottle shaped like a green apple, giving off the idea of the scent. It is so unique and is perfect for every day use. This 50ml bottle retails from €45 to €50.

Lacoste: Touch of Pink
This scent is perfect for any season but also gives that fruity fresh feeling. It involves ingredients such as jasmine, violet, coriander leaves, blood orange, soothing sandalwood, musk and vanilla. This 30ml bottle is perfect for being everywhere and retails at a range of prices from €25 to €30.

Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs
This perfume is a great ‘treat yourself’ present when you want a good summer scent. This has a fruity and floral scent to it leaving you smell like a combination of blackberry, fresh grapefruit, succulent pear, and a hint of coconut water. The packaging shows the whole theme of the Marc Jacobs daisy collection with a 50ml bottle ranging from €75 to €80.

Amor Amor Cacharel
This scent is presented as a romantic one giving fruit and floral smells to leave you with that summer love feeling. This fragrance is the perfect compact bottle that offers elegance and unique scents. The ingredients are black current, luxurious jasmine, lilly and rose. The 50ml bottle ranges from €25 to €30.

This just shows the variety of summer scents that our local pharmacies have to offer so I would encourage you to shop local when discovering the latest summer fragrances.

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