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Recently, I have become a qualified life coach and this week I really wanted to talk about the fundamentals of goal setting and how important it is.

We have all heard about this topic and what to do when you want to set a goal, but finding out how to make it easier is a whole different ball game. Some people tend to overwhelm themselves when it comes to goal setting because they may become unrealistic to them in their life, at that point in time. This can soon develop anxious thoughts which will ultimately make your goals unrealistic to complete.

Setting realistic goals:
What I mean by setting realistic goals is that they are very achievable and suitable for you at that time. Putting pressure on an unrealistic goal can result in it not being reached. When starting out, I recommend to list small daily tasks for yourself. If you happen to not reach one or two of these, you can always move them to the next day. For example my small daily goals would be: 1: Set aside one hour to read my book. 2: Complete a 30 minute workout. 3: Journal for 20 minutes. 4: Allow five minutes for meditation.

These are just small daily goals that I know I will feel so much better once I’ve completed them. You can have less or more depending on how realistic they are for you.

When it comes to a wider spectrum of goals, I recommend to mind map some that you have thought of throughout life and list the pros and cons of each. This will help you filter out the ones you really want and essentially declutter the mind. Essentially, a to do list, daily, will help you achieve your goals.

The Framework:
When coming up with goals there is always a game plan involved to achieve them. Your desires and intentions towards it, all lie in the framework. This is a simple step by step list on how your going to achieve it. This will also make you less overwhelmed when trying to complete and fulfil those desires. What I love about an action plan is that it is completely personal and on your very own terms. I always advise to write out very achievable framework in order to fulfil your intentions. Mind maps also come in very useful when developing framework and creates a clear vision on how it will be completed. The main priority is to not get overwhelmed when setting these tasks and goals.

This main topic shows that it creates healthy and positive plans for yourself are essential to your everyday mental and physical health. This column is a gentle reminder that you are fully in control of how you treat every situation in life which can result to how your day will go. Be kind to yourself and always ensure you have your own best interests at heart when it comes to creating a happier and healthier life.

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