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There have been a few changes to my daily routine that have made a major positive impact on me in the last two weeks.

I finally discovered that making these small changes really changed the way I treated my everyday life. Adding healthy actions has made me act and feel so much more positive. A lot of tips I’m going to list are habits that take time to get into, but once you stick with them it will make such a difference.

Early rising:
I absolutely understand the struggle of getting out of bed in the mornings. It is very hard to rise from a warm bed but surprisingly enough, you get very used to it. For me personally, I found waking up early causes me to be a lot more productive. I would get so much of my daily goals achieved just by starting my day earlier.

This is a hard task at the start, due to changing you sleeping pattern and going against what your mind and body are used to. After the two week mark of doing this, you will adapt to this change and see a large difference in yourself, mentally and physically. I wake up at 6:00am every morning now and swear by it. Studies have shown that waking up earlier can improve your mental and physical health also meaning that early risers tend be happier than late risers.

Sunrise walks
The first time I ever did a sunrise walk I said to myself that I wanted to do it every single morning. I bring my dogs with me and we go for a 10 minute walk along the Shannon Loop. Watching the sunrise really made me appreciate the little things. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen the sunrise properly until then. I would highly recommend doing this at least once in your life just to experience it. Morning walks are so essential for your health. The increased oxygen outside in the morning, helps the brain function a lot better and improves cognitive function.

Working out first thing in the morning has really helped me maintain focus and to also get it done before I start my day. I find exercising in the morning gives me so much more energy and make me feel accomplished. Exerting for the first 20 minutes in the morning has been proven to stimulate energy in your body and offer more focus and optimism. Studies have shown you will more than likely eat healthily and stay active throughout the day.

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