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Everyone has their preferred self tanning products that work for their skin type. Whether that involves instant tan or overnight gradual tan. Fake tan can give you that perfect bronzed glow from head to toe when applied correctly. There is a certain technique when it comes to applying fake tan and blending it into the skin.

Tanning tips:
When tanning the body it is so important to know that you need the right tools to apply it. I always recommend using a velvet tanning mitt as it is very soft on the skin, causing little to no redness. When applying onto the hands, it is extremely helpful to use a small brush. For example a fluffy makeup brush is perfect for blending around the fingers. This gives a more natural effect during the application. When tanning the face I love to use tanning spray.

My favourite product for this would be the Dripping Gold Wonder Water Self Tanning face mist which can be bought in your local pharmacy. This gives such a natural effect and allows for a very blending and natural look on the face. This products retails as a spray which allows the product to cover the whole area. I always apply body moisturiser all over the body especially the elbows and knees where it tends to be very dry, before tanning application to ensure I get the perfect blend.

Affordable fake tanning products I love:
I have tried and tested these products and I absolutely love how they’re made, how consistent they are and the way they look on the skin.

Bellamianta Tanning Lotion:
This Irish self tanning product offers such a beautiful blend with a gold undertone. It contains natural extracts which helps the lotion maintain and balance moisture in the skin. I love applying lotion to my skin when it feels very dry. I would always recommend lotion products for the likes of people that have very dry skin and need to lock in moisture, while having a perfectly blending tan.

Naked Glow Self Tan by Love Kimberly:
This tan is very new on the market now so the minute I saw it, I wanted to try it. The Sun-kissed Skin Luxury Mousse is my favourite from this range. It compliments yellow skin tones due to the mid of golden caramel bronzers. With a much easier application, this product can be found on

Dripping Gold Luxury Tanning mousse by Suzanne Jackson:

This tan is perfect for all skin types containing vitamins A and E which helps the finished look have a very nourished and hydrated glow. This product is extremely light weight on the skin and very easy to apple. It is vegan and has fruit and flow extracts which gives it a lovely scent. This product blends really well using circular motions. It is so easy to apply and is suitable for all skin types while giving you that effortless glow.

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