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Rebecca O’Neill shares her top five hair products in this week’s Clare Echo column.

Taking care of yourself is crucial for your mental well-being. Even so much as your hair, skin and body. Ensuring that you feel and look amazing. I have been asked a lot on my social media about what I use to keep my hair healthy. Hair is a very personal topic for most people. How it looks can initially interpret your mood and state of mind. Taking good care of your hair is so important, because it is the only head of hair you will ever have.

For me, when I take care and nourish my hair with good products, I feel more positive about myself. If you are struggling to find the right products for your hair, this column is for you. I am going to talk about my top five favourite hair products that work for me.

1: Eleven Australia “Hydrate my hair Moisture Shampoo” has helped my hair remarkably well. Being a blonde, my hair can get very dry, so it needs all the hydration it can get. This shampoo replenishes moisture for normal to dry hair. This product also has an amazing scent, leaving your hair smell fresh and feel so soft. I always ensure to not use too much product and only use what is needed. Only apply when hair is wet to ensure you get all the benefits.

2: Eleven Australia “Hydrate my hair moisture conditioner” goes hand in hand with the “Hydrate my hair moisture shampoo”. Like all conditioners, this one helps keep your hair feel moisturised and rejuvenated. It also contains a refreshing scent and softens the ends of your hair. Only apply to the ends of your hair and not the roots.

3: Semi Dilino “Anti-Breakage Daily Fluid” by Alfaparf Milano is most definitely essential in your hair routine. This product does exactly what it says on the tin. It ensures that your hair will not break while being wet. Your hair is most fragile when it is wet, so this product helps repair and prevent damage to it. Packaged in a spray bottle, it is also very easy to apply by spraying it on the ends of your hair.

4: Aussie “Miracle hair insurance” is also an amazing hair repair product for every day hair conditioning, containing Jojoba seed oil. This tells those annoying knots and tangles to take a hike. Leaving your hair feeling de-tangled and smelling divine. Also designed as a spray bottle which makes it easier to apply.

5: Semi Dilino “Cristalli Liquidi” by Alfaparf Milano is a gorgeous serum for the ends of damaged hair. This helps nurse your dead ends back to health and replenish your hair. Having a unique oily texture while also smelling fabulous. This can be used after washing your hair or after curling and straightening your hair, to give it that smooth and healthy look.

To shop locally for these products, Hair Art in Ballycasey Craft and Design Centre in Shannon retail the whole range of Eleven Australia products and Alfaparf Milano Semi Dilino Range. Your local pharmacy retail all Aussie products also. Be sure to shop any products you need locally.

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