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Since last week was mental health week, I really wanted to discuss how structure plays a major part of how we live.

It is so important to take ownership of your life rather than letting life take ownership of you. It does pose questions like, what is my routine and what do I do to benefit myself everyday? Some people tend not to realise why they could be feeling somewhat down and may pinpoint their sad feelings to one particular thing, but in reality this could also be down to their routine.

Analyse everything that makes you happy. Brainstorm the advantages and disadvantages of that negative voice in your head. We tend to resort to comfort when we feel fragile, we also tend to have setbacks in our routine, but this is all part of how life works. Setbacks can end with one thing positive like getting back on track and being motivated.

Taking ownership:

How you view life is very important when it comes to setting a schedule. It is good to realise that this is part of taking care of yourself and to declutter the mind. When the mind is in overdrive it can create an overwhelming feeling and trigger your fight or flight response which can make things worse. But being able to hack that part of your brain by staying organised and productive is very beneficial when it comes to your outlook on life itself.

I have eventually learned what should be important in my everyday life and it has made me prioritise my schedule a lot more than ever. Making these small changes is a step closer to ultimately being happy and less overwhelmed. We often don’t realise how much control we have over our own lives. We can make as many changes as we want and have the blessing of creating a positive frame of mind.

Making the change:

So change can be scary. It can make you feel very uncomfortable especially if you don’t know if you’re making the right decision. Believe it or not making a positive change is the best thing you can ever do with your life. For example small daily habits like: a to do list in bullet points, morning affirmation, reading, exercise or going for a walk. These are all things that can do nothing but good.

Another piece of advice that I have learned, is to start your day with one uncomfortable thing, so that any obstacle that may appear throughout, won’t effect you as much as it used to. The uncomfortable thing could be a cold shower or exercise. Productivity is key to viewing life in a positive way.

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