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Makeup is such a versatile topic and has many benefits for everyone, it creates Vivian illusions, allows someone to feel and look their best and involves artistic techniques.

With makeup it is always about learning. The beauty industry is constantly changing and evolving with brand new techniques. I love learning about very effective tips when applying makeup and how it can ultimately change the whole look in a matter of seconds. I’m going to share some of my favourite makeup tips that I have learned from applying makeup on my clients and myself.

Tip 1: Skin prep
Your skin condition can interpret how your makeup will apply. Your skin care routine plays the main role in your makeup routine and often is forgotten. I recommend applying SPF, moisturiser and eye cream before makeup use. If you want that extra dewy look I recommend using an illuminating primer before applying foundation.

Tip 2: Eye Makeup first
If you apply eye makeup first, it helps you dodge that eyeshadow fallout on your cheeks when having your skin makeup on. It creates a more organised approach and avoid having to redo any mistakes. I love this trick for when I want to do a dramatic smokey eye or a lot of eyeliner.

Tip 3: Lip illusion
When applying your favourite lipstick, always start with a slightly darker lip liner to create a plump illusion. This contours the lips to the best shape possible. It is also good to highlight the outside of the lips to bring out the colour of your lipstick. Lip makeup application is sometimes very hard when you want to change your lips appearance but these tips will help you make it as natural as possible.

Tip 4: Highlighting the eyes
This tip is so effective for any eye colour and shape. When highlighting the inner corner of the eye it creates brightness and widens them more which allows the eye to look visually bigger. This one tip can really change the whole eye look. Highlighting the brow bone is another effective way of showing shape in the face. Highlighting any high points on the face is crucial to achieve that glow.

Tip 5: Heating your lash curler
I have struggled so much when it comes to keeping my lashes curled. I seemed to never be able to achieve it for longer than five minutes until I found out this tip. Take a hair dryer and point it towards your lash curler for a few seconds to heat it up, use your lash curler to then curl your lashes and this will help you achieve long lasting fullness.

These are just some tips I have learned but makeup involves so much more. What I love about makeup is that you can learn from your own mistakes and experience. My advice is always persevere when making mistakes and learn from them. There are no rules when it comes to makeup so do whatever makes you look and feel better.

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