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DIY projects of different natures have really helped to keep us occupied throughout the pandemic.

During strict restrictions and not being able to leave our homes, with the exception of purchasing food, it has been hard to not do as much as we are used to. Lockdown life has affected people in so many different ways mentally and physically. To stay sane many of us created routines for ourselves and major life changes.

I noticed recently while being back to work and meeting new clients every day, that people turned to DIY to keep themselves occupied. I noticed the dramatic changes people made to their houses and gardens. Some really delved into their own projects that they wanted to complete for themselves. I loved the idea of people making themselves busy alongside their normal every day life, and essentially making themselves satisfied with the end result. It got me thinking that making projects for yourself no matter what it is, can be very beneficial for your mental health.

Here is a few DIY tips if you’re planning a budget project for your garden.

DIY Gardening Ideas
Adding colour:
Painting rocks and placing them around your garden has been so popular this year. I love this idea myself and how easy it can be. This is a perfect project to start off with and creates a sense of positivity for your garden.

DIY Table:
Upcycling is so popular when it comes to saving money. Buying garden furniture can be unnecessary when trying to save money. A great idea is to use wooden pallets for making one. Giving it colour by painting it and having it whatever way you want.

Corner Sofa:
Having a wall in your garden can work out to be very useful with this tip. Create a bench against your wall with just a plank of wood to sit on. Add a few pillows and your table will create the best finished touch.

Reusing kitchen materials:
Pots and pans can create a great home for your favourite flowers. Different shaped pots to fit your sewing needs and adding colour to your garden is essential. Painting your pots the way you want and placing them around your garden can give such a professional effect on your gardening skills.

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