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From the first lockdown I have become extremely interested in meditation and the benefits that come with it. Before I became interested, I always knew it was great to do but I could never actually combine it into my routine. Mediation and mindfulness is such a personal journey that can be achieved by only you. Now, I try my best to meditate every second day.

Personally, once I added this to my routine, I found it very achievable. I now look forward to mediation which I never thought I would. It is having the ability to relax your mind and asses the here and now with no judgement. I like to do this in the evening because it essentially helps me sleep.

Other people love to start their day with mediation and mindfulness in the morning. This can offer so many benefits for yourself which offers you to align your thoughts and create a positive mindset. It is a great alternative to get into a good frame of mind. Mediation at any time of day can decrease anxiety levels and increase a positive perspective on life. Being able to observe your thoughts involving no judgement is amazing for your well-being.

Mindfulness is practicing the ability to stay present in your current environment and be fully aware of the here and now. Having alone time and learning about yourself can be very healing in many ways. This allows you to access your thoughts that are completely personal to you, that only you can control. Checking in on yourself by focusing on your breathing techniques and your body language is so important and should always be practiced. Once you make this a habit, you will significantly improve on how you feel about your mind, body and soul.

Let’s talk healthy habits:
Creating healthy habits is challenging for some, because as humans, we tend to not like change. What we don’t realise is, positive change is a great thing. Especially in the long run. It can really scare people at least halfway through and we tend to not complete the change. Ease yourself into change and put very little pressure on yourself to complete this. Meditation and mindfulness is a great thing to invest your time in, because investing time in yourself can cause you to be very smart about your feelings and goals. It allows you to deal with negative situations in the best way you can, when you have an improvement on your emotional intelligence.

Your physical environment plays a big role in your meditation and mindfulness space. This can interpret how your meditation will go. I love to meditate in a safe space where I feel comfortable to enter my thoughts and fulfil a good frame of mind.

Depending on how I’m feeling, I would either listen to an audio meditation or relaxing music. You can listen to meditation and mindfulness sessions on the apps Spotify, Calm and Headspace. These apps offer a wide range of music and audio to help you enter that positive frame of mind.

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