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When coming into the New Year it holds a great excuse to make a positive change in your life. I think everyone, no matter what age, are still trying to discover themselves and find out what’s right for them in life.

Being able to let go of the negatives is a hard skill to achieve but creates an extremely positive impact on your outlook of the whole year. Introducing healthy habits and ensuring you are safe guarding your mental health, while making the best memories with your loved ones is something we can all try our best to do without putting pressure on ourselves.

Healthy habits:
This involves introducing small changes into your life that are not overwhelming. This is entirely in your control so don’t expect too much from yourself. It is best to keep the list short and concise so that all goals can be met. A good exercise is to brainstorm the little things you want to achieve and start with the most realistic one and go from there. Allowing yourself to make these changes takes a lot of strength and you will feel so much better once they are completed. For example these healthy habits could be to stay moving daily like going for a twenty minute walk or doing a small yoga/gym session. Another one could be eating healthier than usual. Having clean foods that make you feel good but not forgetting that a treat every once in a while is okay too. Starting a list of different things you want to achieve can also increase your knowledge on what you are actually interested in.

Taking up a new hobby can be a perfect way to discover your talents and what you actually find fun. It’s good to have balance when it comes to your routine and introducing this can really help productivity and fulfilment. New hobbies to try could include starting to knit/crochet, painting or being more active like running. Ensure that whatever you choose is realistic to your everyday life.

Visualise your goals:
Just thinking about a healthy habit or goal isn’t enough to achieve it. There is more to reaching a goal than just vocalising it. Write down a goal that means a lot to you. By writing it down it can increase your motivation which increases the likelihood of achieving it. Studies have shown that you are 42% more likely to finish a goal when writing it. Keep it somewhere you’ll often see it like in your note on your phone or on your phones wallpaper. If you tend to be more motivated by pictures, then a vision board might also help motivation and consistency.

I want to keep in mind that 2021 wasn’t the best year for some and that is okay. Minding yourself and expressing your feelings is so important and should happen more often. Talk to someone if you feel down and try introduce healthy things that make you genuinely happy and fulfilled. Improve on your personal relationships and be there for yourself.

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