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REBECCA O’NEILL: Developing healthy habits

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This week, Miss Clare Rebecca O’Neill explains how to develop healthy habits and the benefits they can bring.

Making healthy habits for yourself can be very challenging and difficult. Essentially making those changes in your life are always the hardest. Some people grasp change very well, others may find it hard to deal with. My advice is always make these changes at your own pace. If you dive into making a few changes in your life all at once, it could potentially scare you off.

I realised I had to make changes when I started getting into a bit of a rut. Constantly tired and not up for doing anything. Thinking negatively and feeling very lazy. I slept in far too much which caused me to have very little energy throughout the day. I was starting to irritate myself knowing I needed to make changes to be happy and healthy. It all starts with my morning routine. I felt that how I start my day can really determine how I finish it.

Step 1:

First I started with what time I woke up. I wanted to make a little goal for myself to wake up earlier than I usually would. I started waking up at 8am. Being completely honest it was tough at the start but I got very used to it. I found myself going to bed earlier and waking up earlier really helped my routine. My energy levels increased and I felt very happy in myself once I began this change.

Step 2:

After my 40 minute read I make a cup of coffee and start to journal. Journaling really helps me offload everything onto a piece of paper with no judgment. I can’t stress enough how important it is to journal. Even if you don’t love doing it. Writing down a few words every few days can really make a big impact. Writing down your everyday goals can make you even more determined to fulfil them.

Step 4:

Next I begin my 30-60 minute workout (depending on how I’m feeling). I always do @kikifit live workouts on Instagram. I find her so motivating and uplifting. These workouts are always different which I love. They range from full body, upper body, lower body and 20 minute HIIT workouts. There is so much variety so there really are no excuses. Always remember to take rest days. If you are only starting your fitness journey, working out three days a week is plenty. Don’t burn yourself out too quickly.

After my workout I have my breakfast and protein shake and I feel very energised and set for the day. I wanted to share my morning routine on this week’s column to give people motivation and ideas on how to make their days more positive and meaningful. This week’s motivational quote: “Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction”.

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