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*Sarah Crosby. 

This week I want to list my top five favourite mental health books that I have heard great things about and have also read.

These books have made a positive impact on readers and can give a glimpse of how important your feelings and mindset really are.

1: 5 Minute Therapy by Sarah Crosby
This book is a safe haven for people who need some peace of mind about how they are feeling. It consists of “mental notes for everyday happiness, confidence and calmness”. This book is written by the well known psychotherapist Sarah Crosby who offers guidance and exercises to help you find the answers on how you’re feeling and how to feel better. This book talks about attachment, boundaries, self-talk, triggers, reparenting and so much more.

2: What happened to you? By Bruce D. Perry and Oprah Winfrey
This book is based on deep and personal conversations between trauma expert Dr. Bruce D.Perry and Oprah Winfrey about how it can effect ones self and how to gain resilience and healing. This book is an insight into the mind and gives a chance for readers to really learn how the brain works. There are scientific explanations that we get to learn and all questions are answered when it comes to childhood trauma.

3: Atomic Habits by James Clear
This book is an international best seller that encourages you to create healthy habits and get rid of bad ones. It talks about changing small things in your behaviour which can allow you to create a healthier mindset. This book offers “a revolutionary system to get one percent better everyday”. James Clear expresses how one small thing such as one push up, waking up five minutes early or holding a short phone call everyday can improve your health and self care. He calls them atomic habits. He emphasises the true meaning of self care.

4: Detox your thoughts by Andrea Bonior
This book teaches you to ignore that negative voice in your head. “A powerful guide to help you overcome the destructive mental chatter that can block you from bliss”. It gives you resources to help you control your mind and gain emotional intelligence. It is a funny and down to earth read and is very realistic for people that may need some motivation.

5: Radical Compassion by Tara Brach
This book is all about self love and acceptance. It helps you learn to love yourself and develop compassion. “With everything going on in the world, we need a whole lot of compassion, both for ourselves and for others. But actually developing it can be a pretty tall order.” If you don’t know where to start, Brach offers a step-by-step guide centered on love and forgiveness. Her RAIN meditation practice offers meditation involving the sounds of rain and truly believes it can create positive self love.

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