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Thousands of people are returning back to the office this week which includes suitable social distancing measures. I can imagine the impact this can have on someone’s mental health when it comes to a big change in their routine. This can result in a shift in your mood or cause excessive anxiety.

Others love change and thrive off routine which causes their mood to be more positive. Everyone is so different when it comes to these situations. I’m going to list five back to work essentials to make it that bit easier for when you have to make that change.

1: Weekly/Daily Planner
Planning your week can make you feel less overwhelmed and more organised in your own head. Once everything is written down it can cause you to see everything clearer and make you realise it isn’t as bad as you think. Being organised in your work can make you very positive about your current job position. This simple and effective work essential can take a big weight off your shoulders.

2: Sanitiser/Hand cream
Of course sanitiser is an essential part of everyone’s daily life now. But adding hand cream is something people tend to skip. Keeping sanitised is very important but so is keeping your hands moisturised. Dry skin has become so common now especially around the nail area due to the use of sanitiser daily. Using effective hand cream everyday along with sanitiser can eliminate your chances of getting severe dry skin. The hand cream I always recommend is the L’occitane She Butter hand cream which you can purchase in your local pharmacy.

3: Blue Light Glasses
I only discovered these last year and I have to say they are so effective and help so much when looking at screens all day. These glasses protect your eyes from the blue light that is the most harmful when constantly looking at screens. I purchased mine on a great Irish website called and they have a wide range of different styles to choose from at very affordable prices.

4: Coffee cup/Thermal Flask/Water bottle
Depending on your favourite drink, having your very own bottle can help a lot when you can’t move around as much due to social distancing and limiting contact. Having your own reusable coffee cup contributes to the environment and makes it a lot easier to bring your favourite coffee from home.

5: Vitamins
I know some of us are very guilty for forgetting to take vitamins, myself included, but having a Berocca Vitamin C drink every morning really helps my immune system and energy levels for the day ahead. If you want to keep coffee out of your diet I always recommend this because it gives me the same amount of energy a cup of coffee would.

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