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Road surfacing from Ennis Golf Club towards Drumbiggle Rd has been scheduled but will not receive an asphaltic overlay until a footpath is constructed

An appeal for a continuation of road upgrading was made by Cllr Pat Daly (FF) at the July meeting of the Ennis Municipal District. He was keen to see the works extend “right down” to Showgrounds Cross on the Drumbiggle Rd.

Senior executive officer, Eamon O’Dea confirmed that road from the Golf Club to the Drumbiggle Rd would be surfaced using a thin coat surfacing material, “this work is being scheduled with a specialised contractor,” he stated.

Provision of a footpath along the same stretch was listed by the Ennis MD in the NTA Active Travel funding for 2021 but it was not listed in the works programme.

O’Dea added, “The proposed works are a priority for the Ennis MD and the design work will be undertaken in 2021-2022 so the road can be included in the submissions for pedestrian works in the 2022 NTA Active Travel call. The road will be included in the Road Works Programme for asphaltic overlay when the footpath is constructed”.

Cllr Daly described the current condition of the road as “very poor”. He stated, “It is now time to upgrade the road from Ennis Golf Club”.

Constituents flagged the matter with councillors prior to the 2019 local election, Cllr Mary Howard (FG) recalled. “One side of the road is beautifully done and the rest is full of potholes. It is unsightly and is there for quite a while”.

Funding had been set aside under the Schedule of Municipal District works, Cllr Johnny Flynn (FG) noted. “I used to cycle the road myself when I was playing as a junior golfer,” he added.

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