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Next Game of Thrones to be filmed in Limerick

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A FEW of you may have heard of a minor TV series called Game of Thrones, penned by US author George R.R. Martin.

Fans of the show will be delighted to learn that Martin’s new series ‘Nightflyers’ will be filmed at Troy studios in Limerick.

“Nighflyers will be shot in the Republic of Ireland, I’m told, on sound stages in Limerick… which will give them access to the same great pool of Irish and British actors that Game of Thrones has tapped in Belfast (and considering how many characters we’ve killed, a lot of them should be available),” Martin said in a recent blog post.

Set construction is already underway at the massive soundstage, with more construction jobs up for grabs.

The former Dell factory in Castletroy sits on 350,000 square feet, complete with three sound stages, hair and makeup studios, production offices, workshops and costume facilities.

George RR Martin
George RR Martin

Originally written in 1980, Nightflyers is a 30,000 word novella, which was also made into a movie in 1987.

Directed by Daniel Cerone, the series is due to be released on Netflix and Syfy in July next year.

Cerone’s work includes The Blacklist, The Mentalist, and Dexter, while script writer Jeff Buhler has worked on Eloise, Pet Sematary, and The Midnight Meat Train.

Martin confirmed that he would love to travel to Ireland to see the set, but said the trip may have to wait as his to-do list is longer than the Wall (obligatory Game of Thrones reference).

“If by some miracles I actually complete enough of my other projects to create some free time, I’ve love to go over there and kill two birds with one flight by visiting both the GOT and Nightflyers sets… but that remains a long shot, given my current word load,” he added.

Who knows, maybe the producers will use the Banner for some incredible scenic shots?


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