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Waxing Tips and Tricks

As the summer comes to an end us ladies will find it much easier to stick to waxing as opposed to shaving. It now becomes easier to resist the temptation of the razor in the shower as we are almost back into our tights and long sleeved tops with less skin (or hair) on show. Autumn allows for us to maintain a better waxing routine. If waxing is your choice of hair removal or if you are considering going down this route, these tips and tricks might benefit you and your skin.

Why wax?

The hair becomes finer the more often you wax making the treatment more comfortable. Waxing removes hair from the root leaving your skin silky smooth. Shaving cuts the hair at the skins level and can feel spikey again within hours! Hair takes longer to grow back from waxing than any other form of hair removal.


Moisturise your skin well in preparation for a wax. Exfoliation after approx. 2 days of waxing is a must. As the hairs become finer they need a little help to release them from the skin. By exfoliating we will help to speed up the removal of any dead skin while preventing ingrown hairs.
My very favourite scrub is Lycon body scrub. Its an oil free scrub which is perfect if you are preparing your skin before false tan or trying to get rid of old tan. It leaves your skin feeling so silky!
Waxperts also have a product called wonderpads. These are pre-soaked pads which contain salicylic acid to help exfoliate dead skin, rosemary leaf extract to soothe the skin and panthenol which moisturises the skin. These are also a must for pimples too!
Dry brushing is also a favourite of mine. This can be done before taking a shower. It is a great way to exfoliate but also helps to improve lymphatic drainage reducing the appearance of those red bumps we get on the backs of our upper arms.
Do not drink coffee before your appointment. Coffee is a stimulant which can cause your skin to be extra sensitive before a wax.


Avoid sun exposure. Do not apply tan. Do not use any perfumed lotions. Avoid swimming. Avoid sweating. Avoid tight fitting clothing. Loose fitting clothes are a must. Avoid touching the waxed area so it remains bacteria free.

What wax should I look for?

Long gone are the days of strip wax if you ask me! The only areas of the body in my opinion that should be strip waxed are the legs and forearms. The skin on those areas is much tougher. Our poor faces/underarms/bikini lines need a little more TLC which is why I highly recommend a hot wax for these areas. A hot wax like Waxperts or Lycon use a pre wax oil on the skin creating a barrier between the skin and the hair so that only the hair can be tugged minimizing pain. These waxes set on the skin and are flicked off without the need for any strip. Hot waxes can be a more pricey but trust me they are worth it!

No Double Dipping

Double dipping means re-dipping the same wooden spatula into the wax pot after using it on the client’s body. Think about all the dead skin cells/bacteria/bodily fluids that is transferred back into the pot. Gross! Enquire when booking to know if the salon holds a NO DOUBLE DIPPING policy or not. This is so important in terms of hygiene and prevention of spots and rashes occurring post waxing.

How long does the hair need to be?

As long as a grain of rice. If you have shaved it is best to wait 3 weeks before waxing. The hair is better off too long rather than too short. That way your therapist can trim the hair before beginning the wax.

How long do I leave between waxes?

Ideally 4 to 6 weeks. Some people’s hair growth is slower than others.


Be sure to let your therapist know before the treatment commences if you are on any medication, particularly for acne.

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