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Naughton calls on Dooley to clarify stance on Shannon’s neutrality

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Fianna Fáil TD, Timmy Dooley has been pressurised to clarify his position on Shannon Airport neutrality.

Sean Naughton, a Sinn Féin candidate in the Killaloe electoral area has called on Dooley to reveal his stance on the airport. The nineteen year old referred to an ALDE EU Group conference held in Madrid in November which the Clare TD attended.

Naughton stated, “During the conference, Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the ALDE group said he fully backed an EU army, that he argued was necessary and stated ‘This is our project’. Last week Fianna Fail shared the Madrid speech by Guy Verhofstadt which are views set to abandon Irish neutrality and raise concerns for the future of public safety at Shannon Airport. By attending the ALDE conference, Timmy Dooley now needs to answer if he supports Irish membership of any EU army. He cannot attempt to remain mute any longer. Because of the threat implications to Shannon Airport from joining a European military alliance.”

“Germany and France have signed a new cooperation deal, which takes us yet another step closer to a fully-fledged EU army. This is a serious risk to our neutrality, to Shannon Airport and the people of Clare. So Timmy Dooley needs to be honest. Our neutrality and the security of Clare people is not something that can be casually eroded or forgotten about. It protects us from becoming involved in conflicts; it ensures we don’t waste public money; it allows us to play a positive and genuine peacekeeping role; and it ensures that Irish citizens are safer overseas wherever they travel.

“Timmy Dooley, therefore needs to clarify his position on Shannon Airport’s future security, and I’m calling on him to do so. As everyone needs to stand together to reject the warmongering and defend our safety and neutrality,” the O’Briensbridge resident concluded.

Fianna Fáil failed to respond to a query from The Clare Echo on Deputy Dooley’s position.

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