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CLARE General Election Candidate Councillor Mike McKee, joined a protest at Drochaid na Gabhair bridge on the Drumcliffe Road in Ennis, calling on Clare County Council to urgently construct a 100 meter footpath at Drochaid na Gabhair bridge.

McKee believes pedestrians lives are daily placed in danger when they cross this narrow bridge, located on a hilly stretch of road.

“If urgent pedestrian safety measures are not made at Drochaid na Gabhair bridge, on the Drumcliffe Road. Then it’s inevitable that there will be a future critical road traffic incident at the bridge.

“Drochaid na Gabhair bridge, is a very busy road crossing and the lives of pedestrians are daily placed in danger because of the absence of safety measures at the bridge. A short footpath from the Drumcliffe Road junction end finishes 100 meters short of the bridge itself, and this is one reason why pedestrians are forced to walk onto the busy bridge crossing,” he said.

The O’Sullivan Sports and Amenity Park, is a nearby recreational facility and 61 news homes are due to be constructed on Drumcliffe Road near Drochaid na Gabhair bridge, which will increase road use at an already built-up residential area.

Mike McKee continued: “Shamefully there are no hazard warning signs before motorists reach the narrow bridge, there are also no street lights at the bridge so it’s completely in darkness at night, and no road ramps to slow traffic coming to the bridge are in place.”

“When pedestrians, including walking mothers with children, meet traffic on the bridge, motorists have to stop to drive around pedestrians when they meet oncoming traffic as passage is impossible.”

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