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Plans have been lodged for the development of 31 houses and four retail units in Crusheen.

Submitted to the planning department by Woodhaven Developments Ltd, a timeline of 30 months is expected if the development gets the green light. The application estimates that 35 jobs will ensue in the retail units as part of the €10.3m investment.

A mix of retail, commercial and office uses such as medical practice, specialist retail, leisure or restaurant facilities are intended for the site which has been zoned as mix use. The land is located on the north side of the village, west of the R458.

The overall development includes plans for 31 dwellings including: a mixture of three-bedroom bungalows, three-bed two storey dwellings, 4/5-bedroom semi and detached dwellings as well as four retail units with their own doors and associated site works.

Clare Echo Planning

This equates to an overall density of 20 units per usable hectare or eight units per acre, falling under the ‘Sustainable Residential Development in edge of small town/village -Guidelines for Planning Authorities.’ These guidelines recommend an average of 15 to 20 dwellings per hectare.

The future development will adjoin the key commercial centre of the village and link the existing Cluain Fia Housing development currently under construction in the village centre. The front of the rectangular shaped site will be linked with a road within the 50km speed limit of the village.

The core strategy of the development fits within a target increase of another 59 households for the village up to 2023, with a target population increase of 163 in that period.

Several general objectives have been outlined by the design statement. These include supports to facilitate the expansion of the village by encouraging infill and the redevelopment of derelict and obsolete houses which will contribute to the creation of an identifiable village centre.

Another key proposal supports the re-opening of the Crusheen train station and the facilitation of a train stop in Crusheen. This is to be achieved by safeguarding lands along the route of the railway line.

The design of the housing layout is structured as a series of four Home-zones, incorporating shared surface and shared facilities. A neighbourhood approach aims to reinforce the town centre as the key location for living, working, leisure, shopping and service provision.

A modal shift towards walking and cycling is also expected through the development of good pedestrian connectivity between residential areas and the neighbourhood centre and other community services. Pedestrian and cycle connectivity is planned for two points within the development.

Detail on a decision from the planning authority will be known by the end of March.

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