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“PRIVATE landlords are making families homeless”, Ennis Cllr Ann Norton has claimed.

Speaking at the September meeting of the Social Development Strategic Policy Committee, Cllr Norton raised concern with the growing amount of single men being made homeless.

“More single men than women are becoming homeless, they don’t want to go into hotels or B&Bs,” she said.

Co-founder of the Clare Crusaders, Ann stated that it was important these men realise that “they are being highlighted within the local authority”.

Imagine 2202

“It is unfair that they are being made homeless, they have paid taxes all their lives, it is something we have to look at, it’s not just families,” the Independent councillor stressed.

“It is difficult to get single men into accommodation. There are people out there without problems that are homeless because the landlord has decided to sell property”.

Cllr Norton lambasted that some young adults with disabilities have been forced to live in nursing homes.

She urged the local authority to ensure necessary resources are in place so all newly built houses cater for the disabled.

“These people need to be part of society, no young person should be living in a nursing home”.

Ann maintained that individuals ranging in ages from twenty to forty are residing with elderly people in nursing homes, adding “I think it is completely unacceptable”.

Senior Executive Officer, Siobhan McNulty told the meeting that the Council is working with the HSE and approved housing bodies to assist those on the search for houses with particular needs.

She added they been successful with previous housing projects where adaptations had to be made to cater for requirements.

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