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Jim Warny to play himself in movie about Thai Cave rescue

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CAVE diver Jim Warny and Shannon Airport are to feature in a film retelling the story that gripped the world’s attention earlier this year, when 12 young boys and their football coach were trapped in a cave in Thailand following heavy flooding.

Ennis based cave diver Jim Warny, one of an elite multi-national group of divers who volunteered to assist in the unprecedented and highly dangerous rescue mission, will play himself in the film.

A crew will film at Shannon on Sunday, recapturing the poignant moment of Mr. Warny’s homecoming and the happy scenes as he is reunited with his family.

Called ‘The Cave’, the film is written and directed by Tom Waller, a Thai filmmaker with Irish heritage.

Commenting on the project Mr Waller said: “We want to tell the story of those brave people who selflessly risked their lives to save the boys and their coach. To do it right we need to be as accurate as possible and that is why we are enlisting the help of the real life heroes like Jim and bringing him to Shannon Airport to retell his story.”

The film will capture the heroic rescue of the 12 boys aged between 11 and 16 years and their soccer coach who entered the Tham Luang cave in Thailand before being trapped after heavy rains flooded.

The world watched and held its breath as efforts to save the team proved extremely difficult, and one rescuer, a former Thai Navy SEAL, sadly lost his life.

However, thanks to a rescue team of 13 international cave divers, including Jim Warny, and five Thai Navy SEALs, they were finally rescued on the 10th July following a dramatic operation.

Speaking ahead of the film crew’s arrival, Shannon Airport Managing Director Andrew Murphy said: “We’ve had many great homecomings here in recent years but having an opportunity to honour Jim Warny back in July was truly special. The fact that a film is now being made to commemorate his bravery and that of all of those involved, is a wonderful tribute to a selfless man who risked his own life to save the lives of those children and their coach.

“At that time it was a rescue that captured world attention. Here at the airport we could see that from people who came through the airport, stopping to watch TV news bulletins in our lounge. To have someone living here in Clare involved in this incredible rescue is a tremendous source of pride for us all and we are delighted that the story will now be captured on film for future generations.”

Filming will take place in Ireland and Thailand until the end of December. The film is expected to be released next year.

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