Diving the Cave of the Wild Horses

WE FOUND this spectacular cave diving footage online and it freaked us out so much we just had to share it.

Quentin Cooper, Kate and John Ducan, Tim O’Connell and Artur Koslowzski explored the Cave of the Wild Horses at in a little valley between Kilfenora and Carran.

“It’s quite a dramatic little place with cliffs on either side of it and on the south side, if you go right up to the cliff there’s a hole right at the bottom of it where it meets the grass that you’re standing on,” he said.

When the weather is really wet, which let’s be honest is often the case in Ireland, the cave fills up completely.

Artur Koslowzski, a cave diving expert who tragically died in a later expedition, bravely dived the sump of the cave to try to figure out where it leads.

“It’s particularly muddy and disgusting and I’d say it’s one of the least nice dives that he did in a sump,” he said.

The cave diving crew wanted to find out where the water was coming from and have since re-mapped the whole underground labyrinth.

It’s one of the few caves in the whole of the Burren that has some mythology associated with it as said that on a certain day of the year, wild horses come out of the entrance.

Quentin said that he plans to go back to cave to see if he can figure out more of the cavity’s secrets.

He’s certainly a whole lot braver than we are!

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