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SHARON Carey became homeless over a year ago when her landlord decided to sell the property she was living in.

“My landlord sold the house. He gave me a month’s notice and I didn’t have time to find a house. He gave me an extra two weeks and I still didn’t find a house,” Sharon said.

Sharon has been living between hotels and B&Bs ever since.

Sharon is currently living in a caravan in Bunratty with her two year old son and 17 year old daughter.

She is on the social housing list and hopes her family will be housed soon.

Sharon has written a poem about her circumstances and she hopes it will help others in the same situation.

“Someone might see it and be inspired,” she added.



By Sharon Carey


Sometimes I feel so alone

That I cannot cope.

But my uncle tells me all I need is hope

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Please do not put me under the clay

Oh God please don’t take me away


Sometimes I feel so alone

Please god you find me a home

To live with my daughter and son

To find me a happy home.

To have a back garden so my children

Can have fun on the summer days beneath the sun

And on the twilight of Christmas day

I hope to have a home that day


With the sparkling lights so bright

Please god help me see the light

Give me a home tonight

So my future can be very bright…

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