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A HAPLESS serial bicycle thief was caught red-handed by Gardai after he put up some of his stolen bikes for sale on his personal Facebook page, a court has heard.

At Kilrush District Court, Adam Sullivan (19) of Fort Rd, Cappa, Kilrush pleaded guilty to the theft and handling of bikes valued at a combined €4,750.

In total, 10 bicycles were stolen from holiday makers staying at Aylevaroo Caravan Park in Kilrush in August 2021 and the most expensive bikes stolen included a Drag Racer valued at €1,900 and a Carrera Valour and a Bentini Frazier each worth €400 and €500.

Judge Mary Larkin told the court that “this was an organised crime and warrants a jail term”. However, Judge Larkin said that she would consider community service for Mr Sullivan who has no previous convictions.

The court was told that Mr Sullivan’s girlfriend is expecting the couple’s baby and Judge Larkin told solicitor for Mr Sullivan, Patrick Moylan: “He shouldn’t be coming here in September with no job and no way of supporting his new baby. These aren’t robins that you put out a nest for. He has to be a responsible adult now if he is going to be a father and that means working and paying his way”.

Mr Sullivan pleaded guilty to four theft and six ‘handling’ charges concerning the bike thefts.

Sgt Louis Moloney said that between August 1st and August 16th last, a total of 10 bikes were stolen from outside mobile homes at Aylevaroo Caravan Park. Sgt Moloney stated that it was the State case that Mr Sullivan entered the caravan park on August 1st and stole four identical blue and black bikes.

Sgt Moloney stated that he returned on August 10th and stole another bike before returning again on August 16th and stealing two bikes. Sgt Moloney said that a husband of one of the injured parties saw his bike for sale on a Facebook of TJ Ferry who turned out to be a fictitious person.

Sgt Moloney stated that Garda Lisa Marie Murphy observed bikes for sale on the personal Facebook page of Adam Sullivan and concluded that Mr Sullivan and TJ Ferry were the same person. Sgt Moloney said that Gardai obtained a search warrant on August 19th last and on the same day searched Mr Sullivan’s home and found six bikes that matched the description of those stolen. Sgt Moloney said that Mr Sullivan was arrested and detained and made certain admissions.

Sgt Moloney stated that following further investigations, a further four bikes were recovered from a property at Pallasgreen, Co Limerick and the 10 bikes stolen were all recovered.

Solicitor for Mr Sullivan, Patrick Moylan told the court that witness statements told that they heard a vehicle on the night of the thefts showing that someone else was involved.

Mr Moylan said that Mr Sullivan became involved with a bad cohort of peers in Kilrush and became involved with drugs – cocaine and tablets. Mr Moylan said that Mr Sullivan’s bike thefts were carried out to repay a debt that arose from his drugs involvement. Mr Moylan said: “This was the eye opener he needed. Mr Sullivan comes from a good family and in order to break away from the negative peer group he moved out of Kilrush and moved to Inagh”.

Mr Moylan said that Mr Sullivan has now stopped using drugs and was two and a half months ‘clean’ in April.

Judge Larkin adjourned the case to September for a Probation Report on Mr Sullivan.

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