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THIS week we spoke to Dr Emma Kearney and Tricia Russell RGN, co-founders of Ennis Medical Aesthetics who celebrated one year in business this month.
CE: So ladies, congratulations on a very successful year. Remind us again where the idea for opening the clinic came from.
TR: Before I started working as a practice nurse, I managed one of the first laser clinics that opened in Dublin, and gained crucial experience in using dermal fillers. After I got married, I moved to Clare and began working as a practice nurse, first in Limerick and then in Clare. I have to say that I loved my job as a practice nurse but always maintained a very keen interest in aesthetics and when Emma joined the GP practice in 2015 we then discovered that we shared this mutual interest. Ennis Medical Aesthetics just grew from there!
EK: I have always had an interest in dermatology and I was very fortunate that our GP training scheme had excellent dermatology tutoring. Working as a GP, I found and still find that there is a definite need for medical grade aesthetic treatment for conditions such as acne, scarring, pigmentation, rosacea, etc.
There are so many skin care products and treatments out there that mightn’t necessarily achieve the results that they claim to and we feel very strongly at Ennis Medical Aesthetics about guiding people towards medical-grade products and treatments that will provide visible results.
TR: An Aesthetics Clinic managed by a professional medical duo just makes sense on so many levels, for instance, with regards to the use of Botox and dermal fillers it is critical to have an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and to get the best possible training available. In addition to our existing professional training, we regularly attend advanced training courses and conferences, both here and in the UK. Maintaining our knowledge and skills at the highest level possible is our utmost priority.
CE: What would each of your favourite treatment/procedures be?
EK: For me I’d have to say that it would be very hard to choose between Botox and dermal fillers. Botox is a fantastic treatment for fine lines and wrinkles and when done well, it can be quite natural looking, just giving a real freshness to the face.
TR: I love all our treatments at Ennis Medical Aesthetics because of the unique results each of them can offer. If I had to choose one treatment, Medical Microneedling would have to be my favourite because of the superior results that can be achieved for clients with specific skin concerns such as acne
scarring or pigmentation.
CE: So what have you learned from your first year in business?
EK: I have learned at lot in this past year but possibly the biggest lesson has been that you can’t underestimate the value of a good business partnership. Tricia and I work very well together and I’ve no doubt that if that weren’t the case we wouldn’t have had the success that we’ve had.
TR: Starting a business with someone who shares your excitement for it, is half the battle. Emma and myself work so well together, both in terms of our respective medical experience and our ambition to deliver the best professional service at Ennis Medical Aesthetics. We give 110% every day to this shared business dream and because of that, it is the most rewarding work experience that I have ever entered in to. We have built up a large and a loyal client base over the past year. I am truly honoured and thankful that our passion and enthusiasm for our work is being recognised in this way.

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