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Ennis Duo Drop Debut Single ‘Thrill’.

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Ennis duo Niall Mac Carthy and Senan Crotty have released their new debut single entitled ‘Thrill’. St. Flannan’s College set the stage where the pair could explore their musical interests inside the classroom and out.

“We have plenty of fond memories blasting out some tunes from Senan’s garage although maybe not so fond for the neighbours! We kept up the music all along and got working on original stuff. We have a similar taste in music, but we do have a different range of music interests too. It has always been fun working on original music together and we finally took the leap to getting music out to a wider audience.”

Deciding to take their music into the public domain was a decision which came quite naturally to the pair. As with any band walking into the limelight, a suitable alias is important. On choosing the name ‘Lyghthouse’, Niall admits ‘We had a few contenders but I guess it came down to Senan’s link with Loophead lighthouse; his late Grandfather was a lighthouse keeper there so we thought it would be cool to have that link as well as the Clare link generally. We changed the “y” to make it stand out and mix it up a bit.”

Lyghthouse’ debut single ‘Thrill’ was recorded and produced in AP Studios in Dublin. The rock band are now based in Dublin and are looking forward to the release of their first album in the coming months. Check out their catchy debut single here:

“We’ve written plenty of songs but we felt “Thrill” was a good example of the sound we are aiming for and also the initial feedback to the idea was very good. We were happy with the production as well as we believe most current music is way over produced. Keeping the sound relatively raw and honest was important.”

Their debut single is available to download on all major digital platforms. Best of luck to the lads!


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