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This is a totally different world out there wherever you are

Travelling is so difficult you can only go 5km in your car

Indoors or outdoors while all are wearing masks

Everybody is going about their business while doing their tasks.

It feels like the whole world has turned inside out

Listen to our Rulers and we should be in with a very good shout

With all the strict levels – 2.3.4 and 5

We as humans just seem to be living like bees in a very large hive.

Everyone is going down to the local shops

Panic set in “you guessed” – toilet rolls, soaps and extra buckets and mops

They are selling like wildfire, all gone in a flash

You’d think that the whole world was coming to a crash.

The panic set in all schools were told to shut

Many parents seem to be  sick in their gut

No parties were allowed at yours or mine, even a fine dine

Just think you may end up in Court with a nice hefty fine.

They are working day and night in all our 24 hour labs

All trying to make that vital vaccine new jab

Every second, minute, hour of our previous day

They say that the Covid 19 vaccine is definitely on its way

People are finding it hard to struggle with loved ones and their own troubles

It would be great to bust the Covid 19 big Bubble

There is good news travelling fast of finding a vaccine cure

This is the best news we have heard for some time now and that’s for sure.

Indoors  our outdoors while all wearing masks

Everybody is going the distance while doing their tasks

People just want to call to their local bar

To meet some characters and have a few jars.

Landlord with book in hand calls out “what’s your name”?

Then someone shouts out “sure it’s all the same”

There’s Joe from Stonehall who likes a whiskey neat

You must not hurry him while he is having his treat.

Johnny come in, top coat in hand

To his surprise he discovers there is no music or band

Then calls for his pint and another for his mate

Sure says the barman, “ye can’t stay too late”

A  lot of people want to book a flight

Now they are told not to whether it be day or night

Because of this dreadful pandemic it’s not right

Someday we all hope to see the big green bright light.

Most of us have had no time for talking

While others give a nod and a wink while out walking

Many a holiday maker were coming to our great naïve shores

Lo and behold we had to turn them away from our front doors.

All sports will never be the same

Sure enough we would love to see a live game

No single one wanted to take the blame

In time to come it may put us all to shame.

We know it covers all our nationwide

The public must take it in their stride

Stay the distance because there is nowhere to hide

Keep washing them hands and never end up on the wrong side.

Indoor, outdoor, shops, schools, pubs, work, health what’s next?

Google, Gmail, youtube, Netflix, broadband etc., or maybe a text

Most think it is great to go on streamline

Others don’t agree with it, but that is fine.

All around the world Covid 19 is here for some time to stay

A lot of families are very worried will they get their next pay

Sure they are all about Donald Trump, USA when things don’t go his way

But we’ll leave that for the present to discuss another day.

Remember our loved ones who have fallen asleep

Memories and thoughts will always stay for keeps

Cherish the happiness and all the love you’ve know

In darker moments you’ll never to alone.

Reach out and take a friendly hand

They are always close to you to listen and understand

We as a nation may all pause and say a single prayer

To all who have departed us, also the people we all care.

Now that this year is coming to a close

Let’s hope you don’t catch that dreadful dose

Here’s to a good Christmas, sing out a mighty cheer

We all hope for a bright New Happy Peaceful prosperous New Year

                                                                                                                                          Paul Hickey

Details about the Author 

Paul Hickey from Smithstown.  Works for the local authority.  When he had some free time during lockdown he wanted to share his thoughts and hope that others enjoy reading his poem.

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