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Clare exceeds housing targets by end of 2018

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BY THE end of 2018, Clare County Council will exceed all its housing targets according to CEO, Pat Dowling.
Cllr Pat Hayes called for a timeline of details regarding planning permission and the different stages involved in providing housing as a means to inform the people of the county that “Clare County Council is not delaying proceedings”.
Councillors were given details on upcoming housing projects in the monthly management report. This led to Cllr Hayes leading the call for further information on the length of time involved in the various stages for the projects to be included on the agenda. “The Minister is criticising local
authorities for not taking control. Can the full details be put on the agenda so that the delays are not a criticism of Clare County Council”.
Responding to Cllr Hayes, Council CEO Pat Dowling said, “Can I state quiet emphatically Clare County Council is working hard and diligently not only to comply with targets but to exceed them and that’s what we’ll do at the end of the year. Rebuilding Ireland is a very ambitious programme, we’re engaging fully
with Department officials, across all areas of social housing Clare County Council will exceed its targets this year.
“We’ve been innovative in our approach to the homeless challenge in Co Clare.” Dowling added, “Any suggestion from Clare’s point of view I would argue vehemently back, we’re doing the best we can with the resources available to us. I will always defend the efforts that we’re making.
The local authority is best placed and best poised to continue, not standing the challenges and changes in society, to deal productively with the housing situation in this country and I will always feel that”.
“I have no criticism of Clare County Council”, Hayes replied.
He reiterated his appeal for the details of the periods of time included on the agenda for the local authority’s October meeting.
“The delay is very much with the Department”, he concluded.

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