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WE COULD hardly contain ourselves when we saw the little cutie that has been hanging out at the cliff walk in Kilkee.

A baby seal has made the grassy verge his temporary home for the last few days as he loses his baby fur.

The Irish Seal Sanctuary are aware of the pup and have been keeping an eye on him.

They have advised people to keep their distance from him, to avoid feeding him and to keep their dogs on leads.

Vanessa Keane from Kilkee said that the seal pup has started making his way back to the water and she believes his mammy is not too far away.

“It looks like his mammy is out there waiting for him, but it could just be another adult seal. It could be a coincidence,” she added.

Vanessa was lucky enough to get these gorgeous shots of the young one and she said he looks pretty healthy.

“He has a little infection in his eye, but he is losing a lot of hair so it’s probably from that,” she added.

The Irish Seal Sanctuary has also requested that any sightings of dead seals be reported to

Credit to Vanessa Keane for this unbelievably cute video:


Posted by Vanessa Keane on Friday, November 10, 2017

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