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WHEN Doonbeg man Dermot Comerford boarded a train in Dublin, he had no idea that he would meet the woman of his dreams.

Rachael Finucane’s name was displayed above her seat and Dermot plucked up the courage to say hello.

“I said how’s it going Rachael and the rest is history. We started talking and that was it. She couldn’t get away from me. She had an assigned seat. A couple of hours later and we were back in Limerick,” love bird Dermot said.

Although Dermot was brave enough to say hello, he became shy when it was time to ask for her phone number, so he got in touch with her through Facebook shortly after.

“It was maybe a week later. I said to her when I was leaving that I would find her on Facebook because I didn’t have the courage to ask for her number at that stage. I found her and messaged her on Facebook and it kind of worked from there then,” he said.

Fast forward to six years later when the loved up couple returned to the platform on their wedding day recently.

Rachael Finucane and Dermot Comerford who married recently revisited the train they met on 6 years ago, Photograph Liam Burke Press 22

“We just thought it would be a nice way to mark it, to go back there on the wedding day and get some nice pictures,” Dermot added.

Colbert Station manager Philip Conway greeted the pair with a bunch of red heart shaped balloons and a heartfelt message.

“Congratulations Dermot and Rachael, glad we could get you on the right track,” the message read.

Photograph Liam Burke Press 22

Rachael and Dermot visited the train station after their ceremony at Mary Immaculate College, where they both work.

They made history in that they became the first staff members to get married at the Mary I chapel.

Dermot is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the LINC programme at Mary Immaculate College and Rachel also works in the Communications Department.

The couple enjoyed a min-moon in the Aran Islands and they plan to go to Canada in September for their honeymoon.

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