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MORE than 30 years in business, Dermot Cleary Motors has made a name for itself as a reliable business whether that be in repairs, roadside assistance or indeed car sales. Having focussed primarily on breakdown assistance for much of the last decade, Dermot Cleary Motors is now speeding back into the minds of the consumer as first choice for second-hand car sales.

At the helm is Michael Hamilton, Sales Manager, who tells The Clare Echo that Dermot Cleary Motors are experts in vehicle sourcing, while they offer a 12-month warranty on all car sales while finance packages are also offered. It’s a combination that makes the Kilrush Road dealership very appealing to those in the market for a vehicle, particularly first-time car owners who want affordability and reliability.
Dermot Cleary has gained the trust of the public having grown his business over 30 years, now employing seven people. Dermot started from his home in Lisseycasey before making the move to Clonroadbeg just off the Kilrush Road near Mangans Cash & Carry. Miltown Malbay native Michael Hamilton came on board fulltime as Sales Manager in 2018, where he took on the mantle of driving car sales market.
“He wasn’t selling cars anymore when I came on board, so I started it up again,” explains Michael, adding that Dermot Clearys had been a main Suzuki dealership but took a step back from that to concentrate on breakdown assistance.

“I’m trying to make it known that we’re back selling cars again; Dermot still has his customers who realise now that we’re selling again, are coming back.”
After taking over the car sales, Michael filled up the premises with stock again. He stresses that anyone who is struggling to find the car that’s just right for them, Dermot Cleary Motors will go the extra mile to source the perfect vehicle from the UK. “We have everything, small hatchbacks, large saloons, family cars, first-time learner cars. We do an awful lot of vehicle sourcing so if someone wants something specific, we’ll find that for them and hopefully get it within their budget as well.

“I had a girl in the other day looking at a car. A guy had looked at it that morning, and he came in while they were still looking at it, and bought it. Literally this morning I rang her to tell her I have another car and I’ll have it for her on Tuesday of next week, so she’s delighted. I knew what she wanted and I was able to get it. We’re around so long we have those contacts, we’re lucky enough to be able to do that kind of stuff.”
With Brexit in the offing, there is currently much uncertainty in the car market. New car sales are continuing to decline (latest SIMI figures show a 16 per cent decline for October 2019, compared to the same month last year). However, while sales of UK imports is at an all-time high, Michael warns that second-hand car prices are guaranteed to balloon with the arrival of a no-deal Brexit.

“There is a lot more value in buying second-hand imports especially,” Michael explains. “I suppose there’s a bit of uncertainty around it now with Brexit so a lot of people are buying because they don’t know what’s going to happen in the new year. Prices of cars are definitely going to increase in the new year when it comes to second-hand used cars so we’re busy at the moment, whereas main dealers are slowing down at the moment.
“A no-deal Brexit is going to bring a VAT or a tax on the cars being imported. Even without that happening you have new charges being brought in by the Irish Government, the NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) charges, they’re going to drive the price of cars through the roof as well… Second-hand cars, guaranteed, are going to increase in price by 10 per cent in the new year.”
Until then, there’s all the more reason to purchase a car from Dermot Cleary Motors. “We’re in business so long, we’re well known in the community, we pride ourselves on what we supply to the customer. We’re very affordable and you get good quality and that’s what we aim to supply.”

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