Listen now: No really, what’s the matter with America

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The Clare Echo has teamed up with podcast host Fergal O’Keeffe to bring you his new series, Travel Tales with Fergal.

This week sees a special bonus episode called “No Really, What’s the Matter with America?” featuring Daniel Gilmore, a Republican and Sean O’Neill, a Democrat who return to the podcast to discuss the current state of America after the most tumultuous election in that country’s history.

They give a topical, informative and entertaining insight into where they see the country going in the next four years under Biden with a Democratic majority in Congress and the Senate.

Daniel Gilmore is a Republican supporter from Boston and Sean O’Neill is a Boston Democrat now living in Ireland whose mother Pauline Malone originally hailed from Clare Road, Ennis and his Dad lived in Francis Street. Sean spent his summers when growing up staying with his granny in Ennis, Co Clare.

If you have any travel queries just find Fergal on Instragram @traveltaleswithfergal and his website is

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